Relationships vs. Pop Culture

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Over spring break I traveled to Los Angeles. Long plane rides call for some new music on Spotify. For the first time I heard the song “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna and was taken aback by the deep lyrics in the first stanza. Specifically when Rihanna says “You love when I fall apart/So you can put me together and throw me against the wall.” These lyrics stand out to me because they are somewhat of a paradox. It clearly makes sense that the song is about a relationship of some sort. It’s quite interesting to think about how some people would like when their significant others go through a hard time or “fall apart.” I think this would most commonly happen when one significant other wants to make themselves look like a hero and step in. Really, this outlines the complexity of relationships in the 21st century. Could this be regarded to the influence of pop culture such as the portrayal of human interaction in reality tv shows and movies? Personally, I think so. Humans seem to fantasize the perfect life for themselves almost outlined by something they’ve seen in a fictional movie or in celebrity culture. Going back to the lyrics, the last part, “throw me against the wall” adds violence and somewhat fear amongst the audience. It definitely caught my attention. Why would someone throw their significant other against a wall? Sounds terrible. Rihanna, is alluding the fact that someone can build another person up only to tear them down the next second. Fascinating how this one line in the song has such depth in relation to our society.

Watch the music video below:



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