Down in Paris to a Group Project

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I’ve recently heard the new song “Paris” by Chainsmokers. The song is about a couple that travels to Paris and fantasizes having the greatest time and living a long life together. My favorite part of the song is when it says “If we go down then we go down together/We’ll get away with everything/Let’s show them we are better.” I like this part of the song the best because it illustrates the tight bond the couple in the song have for one another and is relatable to other situations. This brings up the power of working with a partner or even in a group. Inevitably you can do more with a greater amount of people however there are some consequences. When Chainsmokers sing “If we go down then we go down together” it’s seemingly brilliant. This makes me think about group projects or any group effort actually. If one group member doesn’t pull his or her weight then the entire project can fall apart. On the other hand, when everyone does fulfill their part, the group will flourish and be successful. In my opinion the success I’m describing is referred to when Chainsmokers sing “We’ll get away with everything” because success typically drives people to work harder.

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