An Iconic American Song at a Passover Dinner

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This past Monday, I celebrated Passover with my Dad’s side of family I haven’t seen in quite some time. 18 of us gathered around the Seder plate to celebrate our Jewish heritage and to commemorate the freeing of the Israelites in Egypt. Family flew in/drove from California, New York, Wisconsin, and Colorado. We all met at my second cousins house in Baltimore. This Passover was different from all others I’ve ever experienced. Typically, I spend the holiday with my immediate family in New York and we do a quick Seder followed by a few songs. However, this year, my second cousins ran a Seder in which each dinner guest shared an article or brought up a topic of discussion for the main parts of the Seder. While it was close to three-times as long as my usual Seder, the experience was totally worth it. My favorite part was when we sang Passover songs to the tune of old American classics. Specifically, “Take Me Out to the Seder” sung to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” I found the entire song to be comical but my favorite part is “Only root, root, root for Elijah/And he will soon reappear.” When I was younger I would always be the one in my family to open the door for Elijah. It is a Jewish custom to open the door and allow Elijah to join us at the Seder. Singing this song reminded me of my childhood and brought excitement to the Passover dinner as it is a play on an iconic American song.

Here are three pictures. Two of the table set for the Seder and one picture of the song lyrics.  



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