An “Infinitely Amazing” ad?

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“It takes you anywhere you can imagine…which makes it infinitely amazing.”

Recently, Samsung released the commercial for their new Galaxy S8. It’s most noteworthy new feature is the seemingly never-ending glass screen. The 1-minute TV commercial is quite brilliant. It begins with with a black screen behind the phone making it look almost non-existent. A man begins to talk in a low tone with the premise that this new phone is “infinitely amazing.” The man describes the new features as they are shown vicariously through the phone’s screen. For example, the new smart home integration feature is shown on the phone while people are adjusting the lights and getting comfortable in their home in the background. The clear message is that there are no boundaries to the screen and how the phone can be integrated. The use of a subtle outline of the phone throughout the commercial highlights the new all-glass Galaxy S8. Samsung is revolutionizing the cell phone industry and hoping to compete with Apple. As it stands, Apple has 92% of the total smartphone industry profit. The last line which says, “It takes you anywhere you can imagine…which makes it infinitely amazing,” ties it all together by leaving the audience with a positive and thoughtful message. Of course the new Samsung Galaxy S8 can’t literally take you anywhere, but the sleek design and advanced features will definitely shake up the market.

Here is the commercial:



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