Gonzaga’s Chapel (Cultural)

Justin Maron

Interior view of the chapel. Mosaic windows and wooden pews (Justin Maron).

This picture of the chapel is one of the most significant photos I was able to take while visiting Gonzaga College High School. The chapel is something you see right when you enter Dooley Hall, and is a huge part of everyday life for Gonzaga students. Because Gonzaga is a religiously affiliated school, all students are required to spend time in the chapel and pray. There is a huge campus ministry support system which provides resources for students to further their religious commitment. Gonzaga strives to give students an all encompassing education. In a letter from Gonzaga’s President Rev. Stephen W. Planning, SJ he writes, “For an education to be truly Jesuit, it must always point in some meaningful way to the ongoing presence of Christ in our world.” This outlines the true importance of creating well-rounded citizens that engage in community service and balance academics. Overall, the culture at Gonzaga is rooted with tight-knit bonds between the student and faculty that foster a hard-working environment and a central core of Jesuit principles.



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