Office Hour Visit 4/20/17

During my office hour visit with my Professor Hunter Hoskins, we took a look at my revised first group of digital archives. I completely redid them and made them multimodal, including links to Gonzaga’s website, maps of the main campus, and other pictures that are related. This will make it much more engaging for the audience of my site! We also spent time analyzing the changes I’ve made to my Reading Analysis 1. The problem with my first Reading Analysis was that I didn’t hone in on a particular part of Flemings work and instead summarized the chapter in a broad sense. I revamped RA 1 by changing the beginning sentence and elaborating on Fleming’s concept of “unified places.” You can check out my revised RA 1 here. However, I think there is still some room for improvement in the first paragraph by continuing to analyze┬álocal governments and┬átheir effect on people. It was great to meet with my professor and discuss the changes I’ve made.



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