Employee Cameos in New Verizon Commercial

Commonplace 15

In connection with my Commonplace 13, discussing the new Samsung Galaxy S8, I found a Verizon TV commercial just released a couple of days ago. The commercial got a lot of media attention because Verizon used their System Performance Engineer, Ammara Bhaimeah to act in the commercial. It begins in a room that looks like a development lab with people all around on computers, drawing sketches and making phones. A man asks Ammara a simple question: “So, you’re a Verizon engineer what’s one reason the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better on Verizon?” Even though the engineer was only asked to list one reason, she went on to list three. In one of the articles discussing the recent commercial, Mike Haberman, Vice President of Network for Verizon explained their reasoning for using an employee in a commercial. He stated that “we thought having an employee in here would be a great way to show behind the scenes what makes our network great.” In my opinion, having an employee adds credibility to the commercial. Ammara is knowledgeable and actually works in the field. While most other companies hire actors that read from a script, Verizon is showing the real deal. Hopefully¬†this will start a trend¬†and other businesses will feature actual employees in their commercials.



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