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I recently read a news article that New York artist, Robert Mojo is salvaging an old Metrorail car and turning it into retail kiosks at the new Fivesquares Development. Mojo and his company are dividing the railcar into seven parts which will be placed throughout the new development. Strathmore Square, located at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro aims to “create a connected, upscale community that provides a pleasant link between the neighborhood, the Metro station and the Music Center at Strathmore.”

Red marker is the location of the planned development on Google Maps

Repurposing the old Metrorail car is seemingly genius. Having the kiosks throughout the development will serve as a connection to it’s close proximity to the metro station. I think the most influential part of the article is when Ron Kaplan, principal at Fivesquares Development is quoted. He describes the new devlopment, it’s purpose, and how “this is trying to create–out of an old Metro station–a community.” These words provoke much thought in the reader and can be closely related to our complex local system project in my Writing 101 class. While most real estate developers change the dynamic or culture of an area, Fivesquares is different. They are bringing a small part of the old community into a new development.

Fivesquares co-founder Andrew Altman, principal Matthew Harris and Ron Kaplan (Photo retrieved from Fivesquares Development)

Take a look at the article here.



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