Office Hour Visit 4/24/17

During my office hour visit with Professor Hunter Hoskins, we took a look at my revised Reading Analysis 4. At first, it lacked specificity and thorough analysis. I was able to focus on Fleming’s argument then continue from there. In the first draft, I failed to address the sociospatial dialectic which is the main idea of the chapter. Using a quote from Fleming, I incorporated his thoughts and came to the conclusion that where you come from has a lot to do with what possibilities are readily available. I also added a picture of city versus suburban life to emphasize the point that there are many benefits of living in a city such as diversity. In addition, I put links when it made sense such as the Cabrini Green example Fleming discusses. You can check out my revised RA 4 here. I am happy that I was able to discuss my improvement with my professor and create work that is at the distinctive level.



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