Annotated Bibliographies 1 & 2

McLaughlin, Moira E. “Boutique Condos to Take Place of Central Union Mission.” The Washington Post, Feb 16, 2013, ProQuest Central,


In The Washington Post article titled “Boutique Condos to Take Place of Central Union Mission,” written by Moira E. McLaughlin, she discusses the gentrification of the 14th Street area of Washington D.C. and the implications it has on Central Union Mission. Central Union Mission has been located on 14th and R Street since 1983, but with recent development of fancy restaurants, niche stores and luxury apartment buildings, they are forced to find a new space. The article continues by stating, “construction is scheduled to begin on the mission, converting four buildings, which now sleep 140 homeless men a night, into boutique condos and retail space.” As a result, Central Union Mission will move to the old Gales School located at 65 Massachusetts Ave. NW. However, McLaughlin mentions the shelter will have to stay in a temporary space while Gales School is being renovated. Next, McLaughlin includes a quotes from David Treadwell, Central Union Mission’s executive director. He says the new location “will allow us to reach poor and needy people who have been pushed out of the [NW] corridor, but still have great need for the services offered by Central Union Mission.” In order to further McLaughlin’s article, she brings in a quote from the architect of the new development at 14th Street. Colbert, the head architect makes a point to say he wants to “re-create the old storefronts that were there originally and really celebrate the historical components of the designs.” The article concludes with a quote from Jeffrey Schonberger, owner of the new building. He describes his new retailers will be “…high-end without question.” McLaughlin does a great job informing the audience about both sides of the transition. On one hand, the new development and the changing 14th Street, and the other, Central Union Mission.

In Conversation

This article is extremely important for my project since Central Union Mission relocated to the building formerly know as The Gales School, just around the corner from Gonzaga. For my project, I plan to visit Central Union Mission to get their take on being pushed out of an area and if it has impacted the number of homeless people they serve. I am going to do this by interviewing a employee at Central Union Mission. Also, I want to get a homeless person’s perspective on the issue of having to move shelters and what inconveniences are associated.

“Property Group Partners Acquires Fee Interest for the Development of $1.3 Billion ‘Capitol Crossing’ Project in Washington, DC.” Mergers & Acquisitions Week, 2012, pp. 81, ProQuest Central,


In the Mergers & Acquisitions Week article titled “Property Group Partners Acquires Fee Interest for the Development of $1.3 Billion ‘Capitol Crossing’ Project in Washington D.C.,” a news reporter informs about a commercial real estate company about to begin 2.2 million-square-foot of mixed-use development on three blocks of the recessed portion of Interstate 395 located in downtown Washington. The development will be named Capitol Crossing and will span seven acres, which is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Washington, D.C. Next, the article includes a quote from Jeffrey Sussman, president of Property Group Partners. Sussman explains Capitol Crossing “is by far the most creative project that we have ever tackled. Thanks to our partners and scores of District and Federal officials who helped us reach this point, we can now move forward to make this long-awaited dream a reality.” There will be a total of five buildings. Four commercial-use and one residential. All of the buildings will feature exclusive retail on the street-level. Then the reporter discusses the location of the new development. It is located close to Union Station, a bustling stop for tourists. The news reporter does a great job informing the reader about the new development and it’s specifications. However, the reporter does not address the impact it will have on the area which is crucial when conducting massive projects such as Capitol Crossing.

In Conversation

This article will be useful in my final project since Capitol Crossing will be built right around the corner from Gonzaga College High School. You can actually see the new development from Gonzaga College High School’s campus. It will be interesting to see what stores go into the retail space. When interviewing people, I plan to ask them how they feel about the construction and what they think it will do to the area. Take a look at Capitol Crossing’s website here.



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