Arriving at Union Station (Exterior/Political #1)

(Photo taken by Justin Maron)

I took this picture when I arrived at Union Station. I rode the Metro to Gonzaga College High School because it is just a short 1/2 mile walk down the road. Find the Google Maps directions here. Even though I’ve been to Union Station many times, I am still amazed every time I emerge from the underground rail system. Coming up from the dark Metro to the bright open-air with carefully crafted arches and soaring dome ceilings, I don’t know where to look. The people, the sounds and the extraordinary view of our nation’s capital. Union Station is the epitome of an amalgam. People from all over walk through Union Station, many of which live in other states. However, people don’t just go to Union Station for transportation purposes. There are sit-down restaurants and high-end fashion stores. Check-out the directory of stores here. Many of the Gonzaga students take the Metro to and from school. On Gonzaga’s website they even have a “Directions” tab which you can look at here.




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