FAGE Yogurt and Humans

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While eating a FAGE Total Split Cup yogurt earlier today I was intrigued by the unique concept of two distinct areas. One for the plain yogurt and another for the topping. However, when the fruit gets poured into the plain yogurt, it creates this magical taste. You see, the plain yogurt is so boring and the fruit by itself if way too sweet. But when they come together it’s just right.

FAGE Split Cup. Strawberry topping mixed with plain yogurt. (Photo derived from

The complex packaging made me think about what else in life is separate, but when brought together so much better. People! Think about it, if one was to stay in their house all day and not interact with others, they would be depressed and have no clue about the world around them. Ideas are spread through human interaction. When two very different groups of people come together, the final result is diverse, leading to a unique output of work. Nevertheless, there could be problems when something like this occurs. In other words, people may have a hard time collaborating. So, next time you pour in your favorite yogurt topping, think about the underlying message.

FAGE offers a variety of flavors in the split cup. (Photo derived from



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