Looking Out on Collins Courtyard (Exterior/Political #4)

(Photo taken by Justin Maron)

While in the library I made my way over to a window facing the Collins Courtyard. Before I continue, take a look at this map to get a feel for the location. Collins Courtyard is an open air brick space in the center of campus. It is located in between Ruesch/Cantwell Halls and the main buildings which are internconnected. As you can see in the picture, thereĀ are large trees and plants which take away from the city-feel. While I was visiting there were some students in the courtyard doing work and others were simply chatting. In the distance of the photo there are taller buildings on North Capitol St. Interestingly, Ruesch/Cantwell Halls are only two stories high. There is an old story at Gonzaga that when you are in the center of Collins Courtyard and clap your hands, you hear a faint squeaking noise. Some people say its due to sound waves, global warming, pesticides, Megabus parking lot nearby and even moles. However, nothing has been proven. Simply, the Gonzaga students perpetuate this old myth for fun. Check out this funny article on page 3 of the school newspaper here.




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