Field Notes on Built Environment of The George Washington University Hospital

  • Metro stop right next to the entrance
  • Did the construction of the metro contribute to better access to the hospital/vice versa?
  • Gardens found surrounding the building
  • A lot of foot traffic
  • Courtyard separates the medical school and the hospital
  • Entrance to the courtyard has gates and a model of George Washington’s head
  • People handing out pamphlets by the entrance of the hospital and the entrance of the metro
  • Found in the Courtyard: “Joy of healing those who seek my help” and “See truth and pursue it steadily”
  • A decent number of homeless people were seen sleeping on the benches in the courtyard
  • Weather: Warm, breezy, kind of cold in the shade
  • Sounds: Sirens, a lot of vehicular traffic on the streets outside the hospital (on 23rd St NW and New Hampshire NW)

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