Commonplace 5

Part 1: We often walk around without giving the things around us much thought. For instance, walking to class we ignore our campus and surroundings however we do talk to our friends and communicate with acquaintances. In the same way, people walking to work don’t hyper focus in on their environment despite the dangers that it may entail. As a result, by ignoring what is in front of us, walking around oblivious to our surroundings slows our reactions to threats. Therefore, making it unsafe to walk alone, especially as a female. As this essay will discuss that danger, although many scholars of psychology have addressed the idea that this obliviousness comes from the obsession with technology and with some personal intent to remain ignorant to surroundings and others during this time, these ideas have rarely been discussed in a way that would introduce a way for all people to pay attention to their surroundings for the benefit of those who may be injured or become a victim, working to not to be a bystander in a time of danger.

Part 2: The American University website is not only aimed at future students but at their parents as well. Therefore, the site must work to attract both parents and students because, of course, the majority of parents are going to offer an opinion on the success of the school and their students. The front page of the website shows pictures of campus and videos of the students to make the school appear to be welcoming and friendly. Consequently, the pictures show campus as both academic and fun- with the appearance of students studying and hanging with friends. Below the photos and videos, “Discover Your Future with AU” notifies the audience of their potential if they attended the school. The pie chart shows successes and opportunities available to students. Thus, this section allows people to choose and compare majors and degrees and their past successes with students. Much of the website shows additional links under more pictures to draw the focus. Furthermore, these links expand of different topics that show the diversity of school and provides links to connect with the school in additional ways like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In short, the website is designed to be appealing to students and parents alike and to provide useful insight into what the university has to offer them.

Part 3: “The sun came up a baleful smear in the sky, not quite shapeless, in fact able to assume the appearance of a device immediately recognizable yet unnameable, so widely familiar that the inability to name it passed from simple frustration to a felt dread, whose intricacy deepened almost moment to moment . . . its name a word of power, not to be spoken aloud, not even to be remembered in silence.”

  • The sentence has both a subject and a verb, the rest is for the description of the sun and what the sun is doing and how the sun is doing it.
  • “The sun came up” could be an entire sentence alone but the added description of the action shows more details and a greater picture of the sun coming up, which ultimately improves the sentence.

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