Trump knows nothing about history… why is that shocking?

““It’s not overly surprising that he would say nice things about Andrew Jackson at the Hermitage and say nice things about Henry Clay in Louisville,” Daniel Feller, a professor at the University of Tennessee and an expert on Jackson, said. “In fact, you might say that it’s par for the course.” – Politico, about Donald Trump

This was taken from an article, titled “Trump’s loose grip on history is biting him” (written by Aiden Quigley), about Donald Trump’s lack of basic historical knowledge and its political effect on America. The last line is a jab at Trump, slightly mocking him because all he seems to be doing recently, instead of his job as leader of the free world, is play golf.

So Trump may be “par for the course” in that situation regarding Jackson and Clay, but his most recent acts in Congress and all his first efforts at legislature have failed, with repealing Obamacare and implementing a new health care plan, and with the Muslim ban.

Additionally, Andrew Jackson’s current reputation directs him to the Trail of Tears, where he forced out thousands of Native Americans from their homes and many of them died. There is irony where it states, “It’s not overly surprising that [Trump] would say nice things about Andrew Jackson…” Trump is not known to be politically correct or to even care for anyone but himself, so this statement is not “surprising.”

In summary, the article is discussing his lack of historical knowledge, mostly regarding the past presidents but this article is intended to be applied to all other aspects of world history, as his legislature, future actions, and negotiations are all built on the past relations between other nations. (President Trump, U.S. News)         Things do not disappear between presidents and most of the foreign nations do not like Trump in the first place, so his blatant ignorance does not do him any favors.

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