Woostah, MA

I am from a fairly large city in Massachusetts called Worcester, located an hour outside of Boston in central Mass. A common rhetoric found, not only in Massachusetts but in Worcester, is the emphasis on language, pronunciation, and accent. What’s known as the Boston accent is found in my city as well. Many people from Worcester called the city “the Woo” or “the Dirty Woo,” depending on where you are from or what the context of the conversation is.

Below are two photos of a sticker and a wall decal that I have from home that emphasize the accent. My friends and I don’t carry the accent like our parents do or others of the older generations but we adopt it because it means home, even when we are only making jokes of it, like when I reassure my friend that she is “wicked smaht.” With the nicknames, the reputation, and the accent comes great pride for “the Woo” and for Massachusetts.

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