Identity found in Stickers

Something that I have seen all over campus, and all throughout my high school career, are stickers found on student’s laptops or on their cases. At American University, many of the stickers seen are political statements, but others seem reference TV shows, music, hometowns or states, Greek Life, or any extra-curricular or club that a student may be involved in.

The stickers work to create identity for the laptop user. Placing stickers on your laptop, not only decorates it, but shows to other people what you are interested in, where you are from, or what you like to do. From this, others can make connections from what they see, as they may relate to one or find one particularly interesting. I, personally, have gotten many comments from my political stickers decorating my laptop.

When you see another with stickers from your favorite show or another mutual interest, it creates a connection. In a society that many argue is being divided and altered by technology, like being distracted by your smart phone, simple things like stickers bring us back to mutual interests in the present (which are ironically found on pieces of technology).

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