Built Environment Project Outline and Introduction

For my built environment, I chose the George Washington University Hospital. From here, I explored the area and researched the history of the hospital, the adjoined GW medical school, the Foggy Bottom residency. When I started I planned on discussing the significance of the location in terms of the metro system but as the sight evolved so did my plan for the final project. I ended by investigating the relationship between the residents and the hospital.

My map is not a physical outline of Foggy Bottom but a metaphysical map of the rhetoric surrounding the statement, “love thy neighbor.” Although the map is metaphysical, the semester’s investigation of the built environment had a huge impact on the resulting commonplace, therefore, all digital archives and annotated bibliographies led to the one statement.

Here is an outline of my project:

Digital Archives (Interior and Exterior)

Annotated Bibliographies

The Final Project: The Analysis

The Map

Class Map

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