Foggy Bottom-GWU Station and the GW Hospital Street Corner

This video of the entrance of the Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro Station captures the popularity of the location for many people that are both traveling by the metro, those who have a relation to the hospital, those who sell t-shirts and give out pamphlets by the street corner, and to the homeless. This area is but vibrant. In the video, in the background, one can faintly hear a man playing guitar and singing for money. This noise contrasts against the sound of foot and vehicle traffic in the background, people talking, and the escalator moving.


The GW Hospital “pamphlet”

When I went into the Hospital to find a pamphlet, I talked to a man at the information desk who looked around but could not find me a traditional pamphlet. Instead, he presented me with the George Washington University Hospital newsletter. In this newsletter, there are articles that discuss the medical advances that the hospital has made. The newsletter also features a story on a local man who survived cardiac arrest while at a Washington Nationals baseball game with the assist of the GWU Hospital team (as featured on the cover).

Interior of the GW Hospital

The hospital’s entrance way seemed partially hidden from the street and sidewalk, as it is set into the building. When I entered the hospital’s reception area, I noticed the high ceilings and the modern interior design. The room was round, with chairs partially on one side, the receptionist desk straight forward from the door with a hallway that extended behind it. To the left of the front entrance there was a cafeteria, and a stairway to an upper level. These pictures do not show much detail of the room because the room was crowded and I did not want to take people’s photos without them knowing.


Neighbors: The Embassy of Spain

In the same neighborhood of the GW Hospital is the Spanish Embassy, located on Pennsylvania Ave. Because my main Built Environment focus is a hospital, I could not explore the interior as much so I decided to explore the surroundings and the important cultural factors of DC. The embassies are an important one of them. I thought the Embassy of Spain was interesting because most of the Embassies are located on Embassy row on Massachusetts Ave and this one was so far out of the way near GW.


Built Environment: Restaurants around GW Hospital

In exploring more of the cultural parts around the GW Hospital, I found there were many restaurants. Because I visited the site midday on a Wednesday, these restaurants were not very busy but there were many around that street corner with open patios to attract those who walk by, as it is a popular area. The featured restaurants are Circa, Roti Mediterranean Grill, and Sweet Green.

Built Environment: The George Washington University Hospital

Because of the metro entrance, the location of the university, and other attractions of the the area, there was heavy foot traffic outside the hospital on 23rd St NW. As a circled the building, I did not notice much other foot traffic on the other streets except 23rd St. I am curious as to if the foot traffic causes problems for hospital traffic- for either the ambulances or the other vehicles trying to access the hospital.

Built Environment: The George Washington University Hospital

This was one of two fences that encased a group of benches (those benches circling a GW insignia on the ground). This fence piece specifically states: “Seek Truth and Pursue it Steadily.” The second one, across the courtyard from it, states: “Joy of Healing Those Who Seek My Help.” I think this is in reference to the Hospital on one side of the courtyard and the Medical school on the other side.