In My Feelings or In a Replica?

This song is by Kehlani who is a fairly new artist and she has this song on her latest released album. The song probably sounds like just any other song. It has a good beat and I enjoy the words but there was some aspect that caught my eye. The portion of the song that says “If it isn’t love, why do I feel this way?” This part sounded so familiar and then I was able to put it together, the words are from another song I am extremely familiar with. A New Edition song called “If It Isn’t Love”

Recently New Edition has been having a semi comeback because of the 3 part BET special event. This movie series was able to capture the true life and history of the group. The people in the group went through struggles involving money, drugs and women. There were many obstacles that they had to over come but they prevailed. Therefore many people are reliving or just now learning a lot of their iconic songs.

I feel like many people are either unaware of the original song or do not recognize it. If people do forget the origins of the certain phrases then the responsibility should be left to the artist who choses to reuse the song. There is a burden of responsibility left to the artist who recycles the words because they are choosing to work someone else’s work in their own. Also if there remake is a smash hit people deserve to know who actually came up with the phrase or dance that that person is now using.

Lift Every Voice

This was a sign that was placed on the corner next the 7th and S Street. This sign shows the history that has been established throughout the years within this territory. The sign resembles a way for people to be able to connect with their past and not forget what others have accomplished or endured through their life struggles and hardships.

Panorama Dynamic

This is a panorama photograph that I took while I was at the site. The panorama captures just about all of the street even though there is a circle the picture can only come out into a flat, large, wide photo. There is the main big building as the center view of the photo. This building has many different non profit organizations inside of it. Also there is the liquor store in frame. This liquor store has witnessed all of these changes that have been occurring within the area and has not changed along with it. This photo truly captures the main essence of the corner of 7th street and S Street.

Wall of Mystery

The current photo is of a wall that has graffiti sprayed all over it. The graffiti represents something that has been created in an abstract manner. This picture consists of a stereo type of speakers that are to the left. Also there are arrows that show where all the different directions go which can be interpreted in different ways itself. There is a man on the wall that is participating in some form of music. Even though the whole picture is a collection of ideas all of the ideas blend together collectively and consist with the environment that it was created in.

7th Street and S Street

The culture that is established on 7th street and S street is entirely different to what is described in S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda. There is a metro bus stop and a metro train station on that corner which appears to look moderately new to an extent. The metro bus stop looked clean and as if there was nothing tampered with. The advertisement on the side of the bus stop that promotes donating to those who live with hunger. The advertisement most likely was not there long ago because now the people who live there have more financial support for themselves that they are able to donate and help those less fortunate than themselves. Also on the metro train station stop, there was only open escalator. There is typically two sides or more with one side going up and the other going down but there was just one closed and one open at this metro station. Since there was only one open and one closed the open one was stagnant to create more of a stairs effect where one side of the escalator people walked up and one side the people walked down. The metro station could have been better created and maintained with the escalators but nevertheless that is how it was established when I made my visits.

The people that were there also made a certain impression on me. The people at the metro station itself were quite diverse in their races and most likely religions as well. There were mostly african americans but there was definitely a strong presence of caucasian people as well. The general outfits and manner of these people showed more of a middle to upper class sense. The people were well dressed, many people walking around in suits and other similar attire. There were also some people dressed casually in jeans and a t shirt while still having a poised manner as they walked around the area. There was only one homeless person that I saw but also there are typically in any neighborhood some people who are less fortunate and cannot afford a place to live.

There was a large office building in the midst of the other corner of the intersection. There are no property details available online but from the outside there are at least 8 floors and clearly newly built. The inside of the building is most likely creative based off of how the outside appeared. Within this building there is the United Negro College Fund Inc which is a non-profit organization. The motto established for this organization is that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” According to the United Negro Fund website, “for more than seven decades,… raise more than $4.5 billion and help more than 430,000 students and counting…” This is an extremely influential group that has now established on of their offices in this area which must have been recent judging on how the building looks. College Success Foundation for District of Columbia is also another organization established in the building. According to their website, “the organization is a nonprofit founded in late 2006 to address the critically low college graduate rates of the students in the public and public charter schools of the District of Columbia…” These organizations are now in a building that most likely would have not been there before the altar of the dynamic of the area.

There was a liquor store on the corner that did not appear to be freshly new. Through further research it was established that the Log Cabin Liquors has had their business there for around 19 years. The Log Cabin Liquors is described on yelp as “nothing fancy but the people are friendly…” Evan W., a man who commented on the yelp page said in 2014 “I’ve been pretty upset by the gentrification that’s been happening… (The Log Cabin Liquors) does not fit that mold.. Store not only retains the character…but also brings a new dicey…” The expression of Evan’s comment was upset towards the change in demographics that occurred during the alterations of the neighborhood. There were other comments that expressed similar feelings like Evan and they all relate similarly to the current situation within the area.

Sources for Built Environment, 7th Street NW DC

“1500 Block of 7th Street NW about to ‘Pop.’” 1500 Block of 7th Street NW about to “Pop” ~ BadWolf DC, November 5, 2013.

In this article, the argument is that there is a dramatic transformation occurring on 7th street. I know this because throughout the article the unknown author lists out all of the differences that will be happening on 7th street and how much of an intense change there is going to be in the next upcoming years. One of the changes is that the current laundromat will be turned into a coffee shop. This coffee shop will also have coffee roasted on site which will make the coffee for fresh and satisfying. The change from a laundromat to a coffee shop signifies the difference in the neighborhood. The laundromat is typically used by people who do not have nor can afford their own washing machine and now that is being replaced with a new coffee shop. Coffee shops typically represent more of a leisurely activity rather than washing your clothes at a laundromat because you cannot afford to do it at your own house or apartment.

I chose this article because it gives more of an insite on what exactly the dynamic of the change that is happening to 7th street is. This article creates more contextual evidence which leads to more of an understanding on what 7th street’s transformation is like. 7th street has it’s own reputation that has been created but there is much more happening that many people would have never expected. The article is able to highlight exactly what parts are being replaced. With the article saying what is being replaced with what there are clues as to how 7th street is being transformed. When people look into what kind of person, or people use those facilities or go to those businesses it shows the dynamic of those who live in that area. When there are places being turned into more upscale and high end stores then there are other clues shown as to is starting to move into this area and how it is affecting the neighborhood.

“SHAW: Proposed Development on 7th Street NW – Residential and Retail.” SHAW, March 7, 2016.

In this article, the argument being established is that 7th street is having new plans to be redeveloped. I know this because 7th street has a building in which there will be an addition of a penthouse and of another floor. This transformation will encourage different inquiries to enter the premises of this area that would probably have not considered this area in the past. This area has begun a change that will alter the dynamics of the current people and places near by it. There are also plans on “protection of historic buildings in the lot” which will be able to occur based off of the Board of Zoning Adjustment or the BZA. The Board of Zoning Adjustment also has created inquiries to have 8 residential units and 10,221 square ft of retail. The result of this will be monumental because it will end up causing some drastic adjustments in the near future.

I chose this because there is clear connection on how the article shows prime examples on how the area is changing and becoming a new space. The area is becoming a territory that is built for people that do not originally live there. There has not been much of a change until recently but because of all the new infrastructure and other alterations the change is occurring faster and faster. There is a complete transformation occurring and not everyone is noticing it as much as they should. People that have always lived there are witnessing something incredibly different to what they have been used to for so long. There will be a clear shift and it is happening at a speedy pace and is only growing from here.

My Forever Valentine

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I wanted to discuss my forever valentine, and it will always be my mommy. She has always been there for me and sister and always will be. We are a strongly bonded family and look out for each other to make sure we all are doing the best and being the best we could be. My mom is the best because she is there whenever I need her and that will never change. This picture shows how Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic holiday between couples but also dedicated to those that you love in life. My mom is the person that I love with all my heart and I know that that is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. There is more to the day than people may see. There is a special bond certain people have and while I need no holiday to express my appreciation for my mother, it is also nice to show her how much she means to me on these special occasions. Never take advantage of your parents or anyone else that loves you.

Love you mom!

My Analysis of: How David Fleming Believes The Civic Map Exists Today

In David Fleming’s City of Rhetoric, he states “Think globally, act locally” which involves his view on how citizens need to be (37). Fleming believes citizens should be always thinking about everyone and how all are affected by their actions but should act according to how their actual government would be in the best place. The citizens may be able to think the way that will be most favorable to all but will most likely never be able to obtain that specific goal therefore citizens need to act for what is going to make their local government the most prosperous. The citizens need the government but the government needs the citizens as well. Fleming believes that “… in the United States, the most important political community of which citizens are members is the nation” (38). Citizens are very useful to their local government politics and other groups that they stand for but the most valid one is the nation collectively as a whole. If the citizens can make the community cohesive then the community can make the entire government come together and be strong in itself. The central government is run by citizens but not directly in the democracy of the United States. The government is ran by communities and local governments that are then ran by citizens. This is one of the issues that Fleming has with the system. He thinks that “What we need… a smaller democracy, where politics can be the everyday literal enactment of every citizen’s freedom and equality…”(43). If the government is smaller then the citizens will be able to have that direct contact with the government. With a smaller government comes more contact but still other issues. But in City of Rhetoric, the best options given is a smaller government. Fleming writes “Eric Oliver writes of a similar quandary: local governments need to be small to be accessible to the maximum number of citizens; but they need to be representatively diverse in order to encompass the predominant social conflicts of a geographical area and not give any group monopolistic control over government” (50). Oliver believes in a small government system as well but is aware that certain aspects cannot be compromised like: diversity.