Sources for Built Environment, 7th Street NW DC

“1500 Block of 7th Street NW about to ‘Pop.’” 1500 Block of 7th Street NW about to “Pop” ~ BadWolf DC, November 5, 2013.

In this article, the argument is that there is a dramatic transformation occurring on 7th street. I know this because throughout the article the unknown author lists out all of the differences that will be happening on 7th street and how much of an intense change there is going to be in the next upcoming years. One of the changes is that the current laundromat will be turned into a coffee shop. This coffee shop will also have coffee roasted on site which will make the coffee for fresh and satisfying. The change from a laundromat to a coffee shop signifies the difference in the neighborhood. The laundromat is typically used by people who do not have nor can afford their own washing machine and now that is being replaced with a new coffee shop. Coffee shops typically represent more of a leisurely activity rather than washing your clothes at a laundromat because you cannot afford to do it at your own house or apartment.

I chose this article because it gives more of an insite on what exactly the dynamic of the change that is happening to 7th street is. This article creates more contextual evidence which leads to more of an understanding on what 7th street’s transformation is like. 7th street has it’s own reputation that has been created but there is much more happening that many people would have never expected. The article is able to highlight exactly what parts are being replaced. With the article saying what is being replaced with what there are clues as to how 7th street is being transformed. When people look into what kind of person, or people use those facilities or go to those businesses it shows the dynamic of those who live in that area. When there are places being turned into more upscale and high end stores then there are other clues shown as to is starting to move into this area and how it is affecting the neighborhood.

“SHAW: Proposed Development on 7th Street NW – Residential and Retail.” SHAW, March 7, 2016.

In this article, the argument being established is that 7th street is having new plans to be redeveloped. I know this because 7th street has a building in which there will be an addition of a penthouse and of another floor. This transformation will encourage different inquiries to enter the premises of this area that would probably have not considered this area in the past. This area has begun a change that will alter the dynamics of the current people and places near by it. There are also plans on “protection of historic buildings in the lot” which will be able to occur based off of the Board of Zoning Adjustment or the BZA. The Board of Zoning Adjustment also has created inquiries to have 8 residential units and 10,221 square ft of retail. The result of this will be monumental because it will end up causing some drastic adjustments in the near future.

I chose this because there is clear connection on how the article shows prime examples on how the area is changing and becoming a new space. The area is becoming a territory that is built for people that do not originally live there. There has not been much of a change until recently but because of all the new infrastructure and other alterations the change is occurring faster and faster. There is a complete transformation occurring and not everyone is noticing it as much as they should. People that have always lived there are witnessing something incredibly different to what they have been used to for so long. There will be a clear shift and it is happening at a speedy pace and is only growing from here.

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