Uprising Muffin Company

This picture is based within the cafe that was established within my assigned site. This cafe is named Uprising which in itself is captivating and electrifying to the area that the establishment is located in. The area where this cafe is, is a part of a community that has only been “upgrading” and trying to better for itself. The bookshelf that is in the window of the cafe is a statement piece. It gives the cafe a certain amount of a presence. The people walking by can see the bookshelf an attempt to see what the cafe is all about.

Apartments With Style

This picture is taken from the outside of the apartment buildings that are above the cafe on the intersection that is my site. I was able to capture some of the inside because of how bright it was outside. In this picture it is clear that this building is newly created and renovated. The rooms look perfectly modernized and current to the styles of architecture that are presently occurring. Also within one of the rooms that is a bike present which clues to that the person who lives there most likely is not far from the main places he/she must reach.

Art Work That You Can Feel

In this picture there are two other pictures. These pictures represent basically the city that the cafe is located within. The top picture is of a bridge and large buildings and the colors are so vibrant and prevalent. But there is also a dark side with lots of black and other details with plenty of black within it. The brush strokes are slightly rough and unfinished similar to the city that the cafe is in. Washington DC is not finished it is still developing and changing each and everyday. The bottom painting has more up close buildings that show “Log Cabin” which is a liquor store on the other corner next to the cafe.

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

This is a portion of the wall of a cafe that is near my intersection of 7th and Street. This part of the wall as inspiring quotes as well as another section but these ones are different. These quotes are more encouragement of pushing through your battles. “Rise Up” shows that people should persevere over what comes their way instead of succumbing to their surroundings. This quote probably helps many people within this area feel as if they can make it whether it be through the day or through their problems but regardless helps them overcome their issues that are around them.

Keep Ya Head Up

Within the cafe that is near my site there were plenty of inspirational quotes on the wall. In this picture there were at least 6 of them. The quotes of this wall not only give inspiration but also make the cafe look more cool, up and coming and urban-like. Since the cafe has such details there is more of an attraction to go there. Especially since they have comfy chairs and a table to grab lunch with a friend. They also placed there logo on the wall which almost blends in but they definitely integrate themselves.

Icy Codes

Smores thai rolled icecream with Icy Codes Taken by Jade Paul

Over the past weekend I went on an adventure with my friends to Icy Codes, an icecream place that has famous rolled icecream. In this icecream place the type of icecream is originally from Thailand. The line was extremely long, meaning super popular. It was interesting to see that so many Americans and other nationalities were into such a popular Thai trend. It was nice to see all the people that were there supporting something that is not their own culture. The picture shown is my icecream that I got when I went. The flavor was smores and it tasted amazing. I would definitely recommend this place just make sure you have nothing better to do because

Toward a New Sociospatial Dialectic Analysis

In City of Rhetoric, David Fleming believes that the city-like areas can be a standard that everyone in America should uphold because they are a perfect example of what a community should be like. He thinks that cities are a place where there is common ground since everyone is diverse and interesting in their own way. There is a distinct acknowledgement of acceptance that is more prevalent within cities than other communities like suburbs for instance. The places that have the most acceptance automatically attract the most diversity and vis versa. Fleming believes there will be more commonplaces if there were more diversity in these areas. He does not want every area to be in city form, they can remain suburbs but have the mentality that the city folks do. Have a sense of welcoming all that are like them or not into their established areas and not separating those who are not the same as them. Fleming states that “unfortunately, our picture of suburbia–for many people the promised land in contemporary America…” this is taken out of context for what people are expecting and what they end up receiving when moving to suburban neighborhoods (181). Fleming thinks that there is a certain mindset that people have when in the suburbs and when outsiders move in there is a distinguishable difference which separates people from connecting with each other. Fleming understands that it does not have to be this system and that people “could balance our often-conflicting needs for unity and diversity, accessibility and power, belonging and anonymity”(180). By there possibly being this balance that can be created in these suburbia communities there is a clear solution to the problem. The only issue with solving it is how do you get everyone to participate?

7th Flats and Retail Shops Within The Area of 7th and S Street

“Welcome to 7th Flats | Luxury Apartments in the Shaw Neighborhood.” 7th Flats. Accessed March 27, 2017. http://www.7thflats.com/.
In this article, the unknown author established a substantial amount of information on this new up and coming area that was previously known for being dangerous territory. The website discusses these new apartment buildings that have been recently created to fit into the updated version of the area. They describe the establishment of the 7th Flats by saying it is “urban… alive… seductive” which are all extremely positive outlooks. The 7th Flats also are said to “redefine Shaw and the city that surrounds it”. The descriptions of the 7th Flats is seen as a benefit to the community and as an enhancement. The building is also located “right beside the Shaw-Howard U Metro” therefore making it accessible. All of the factors that this article characterizes these new apartments to be seen as a productive improvement to the surrounding area it is in.
I chose this article because it shows how the area seems to be reinvented because of these establishments that have just a while ago been created. The community seems to have had a different connotation than what this new building represents. In S Street Rising, Ruben Castaneda portrays this territory to be rough in a sense of unsafe and a ghetto. The way that this article depicts this new establishment proves that there has been a drastic difference over the years. By him expressing what the old area was and now reading this article it is evident that there has been a takeover of new people who want to make this neighborhood to their liking.
“Diverse Mix of Retail Shops Surround The Apartment Building | The Progression Place, Washington DC.” Accessed March 27, 2017. http://www.progressionplace.com/the-shops-at-progression-place/.
This article written by an anonymous source explains the purpose for this new building created named the Progression Place. The name itself signifies a change from old to new and that is telling to the intent behind this establishment. This building holds “nine restored historic retail storefronts” along with “a diverse mix of dining, shopping, arts, nightlife and community serving amenities” which sounds like it lives up to the name of progression. The building holds a significant amount of space “19,000 square feet” to be exact. This building seems to have much influence on the upcoming future of this community because not only covers a large amount of ground but it will have a lot of the previously owned establishments apart of it. By having such a large presence on this neighborhood there must be a compelling amount of influence that will be created in the near future.
I believe that this article is helpful in the writing in my upcoming paper because it describes the new influence that is being pushed upon this community. While the community may be in favor of the new large influence there must have been other establishments that were there before. Now where are those other places that used to be what the neighborhood relied on? There might be progress seen by the people who are creating this new building but there is also a diminishing amount of influence that has always been there that no one can most likely replace. This article helps depict how the neighborhood’s previously grounded influence is being renewed by people who have just recently arrived.

Dealing with Ambiguity: The New Business Imperative Analysis

Business has changed and is not the once known black and white world that people expect. There are constant  adjustments and advancements made to the business world. People need to be aware the “ambiguity creates complexity and means decision making is difficult… ambiguity creates uncertainty and stress.” There is no clear cut way that business works there has been a “blur with the lines of responsibility and leadership.” This is something that people are not quite used to yet and “there are some companies that you compete with in one market but collaborate with in another.” Because of this, there is some uncertainty that is in the business world. People and companies try to create a specific system but “it is complex. There is no set guide for it. If there was, everyone would be doing it already.” But just because everyone does not have a set plan does not mean that there is not organization and other tactics that can be used to help. The article claims that ways to help is to “suppress your urge to control things” which will help with your “learning to deal with your stress.” One of the most important things to do is “listen to advice” and “listen to your voice” this will carry you to “be confident in yourself and your abilities” which is always necessary in order to help will organization and peace of mind. If you can also “learn to act without the complete picture” then you’ll be able to create more new innovative tactics and systems that will help you and others.

How To Get a Job At Google

Google has always been ahead of the curve and extremely innovative throughout the years. That is one of the main reasons that people choose to be apart of the team and movement. In order to get a job there the philosophy has changed and is nontraditional unlike other companies. According to Friedman’s research, “GPA’s are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless… We found that they don’t predict anything.” This is a very interesting find especially since the average person puts a lot of their time and money into getting a great GPA. But for google they do not believe that is necessary 100%, in fact the “proportion of people without any college education at Google has increased over time now as high as 14 percent on some teams.” This is quite different to what most company’s are looking for in their candidates but nevertheless, it makes sense for Google. While GPA’s do serve as a minute purpose at Google since “Many jobs at Google require math, computing and coding skills, so if your good grades truly reflect skills in those areas that you can apply, it would be an advantage” but again none of this is an absolute necessity. What Google is truly looking for is “learning ability”, “leadership– in particular emergent leadership as opposed to traditional leadership”, and most importantly “feeling the sense of responsibility, the sense of ownership, to step in.” All of these factor into what Google truly needs and is looking for. They believe that “successful bright people rarely experience failure, and so they don’t learn how to learn from that failure” which is seen as a disadvantage for a company based upon problem solving.