Northwest Settlement House and Their Cause

Northwest Settlement House is located on 7th street and S street where many places have progressed in a positive way since the book, S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda was written. The book, S Street Rising, is based in Washington DC and it shows the city’s drug addiction to crack and how that affected many lives. In S Street Rising, Ruben Castaneda explains in explicit detail of the event(s) he had witnessed in that area during the 1980s and 1990s. On this specific corner street, 7th street and S street, there was a shooting that he was documenting for his reporting job at the time. The  shooting took place on this exact corner therefore there is an abundance of history established in this section. Since there is a specific dilemma in the encircling area’s past many people within this area at the time were in an unsafe environment. The building is directly on the corner of 7th street and S street. According to the Northwest Settlement House about us page, the first floor is the Madison Haven Apartments and the entrance to their section is the S street section with only a view from the perspective of 7th street.

On the main web page for Northwest Settlement House, there is a distinct, specific tone and impression that the audience receives that showcases this building and area in a pleasant way. The tone is more of a relatable connection for all that view it. While the impression is more of an approachable aspect that shows people care, the website shows the certain parts of the Northwest Settlement House that are caring and catering to the community in the pictures below. The message that the Northwest Settlement House is trying to convey to the surrounding area and others who would like to take part in the cause, is able to be shown through pictures and specific statistics. These statistics compare their beginnings to their current numbers and how they have grown in a certain amount of time. Also how much larger they are going to be able to get in the upcoming years and how that itself will be affecting the community in such a positive way. Also the Northwest Settlement House explains how they help the people in need through their programs.

There has been a large change in the dynamics that the Northwest Settlement House has created and they fully express that through their website page. The website shows before and after pictures of the changes and progress that they have conceived. In the beginning photo that is on the website there is a clear difference as to what there was. There is a clear form that the website had set up in order to convey the exact message that suggested that there was struggle from where they have come from.  The progress is shown in different ways through their website and these pictures show the look that they are trying to have. The web page is trying to express a different way to showcase to possible customers and donors that yes, there was a great deal of danger in the area previously, but now it has drastically changed.

These pictures are able to express that the situation has changed because they physically show their potential. There are potential donors and customers who do not want to put money into an association that has not established anything or has not made a difference in a community that they claim to be helping. The web page picture of the before part of the building is able to show the beginning of the business along with how far the area has come. The before picture is the part that can express the worse parts of the area and how the area has truly changed over the times and how the Northwest Settlement House has been the cause of the drastic change that has been constructed throughout the years. The second picture was able to show the difference in the heights of the building which is quite interesting. The height of a building shows a dominant presence in the neighborhood which the residents are aware of. If there is more space to help those in need then more people are being helped therefore the progress is more visible. There is a clear difference in how there is now compared to then at least two more floors that were not previously there. With that being another factor there is a sense of a larger presence and respect quality to the area that this organization has been a part of for such a long period of time.

The picture also shows how there is a lack of greenery. When there is more greenery and trim, there is a more notable representation of wealth or at least middle to upper class. The clear difference in greenery is also a clear sign that major changes in growth and development has occurred. In more trees being cut down there is more of an element that more has been built up and with that more progression in how the business is doing. Also the organization was established in 1934 according to the website, which goes to show how much the building has been through with the surrounding area and how it truly has history within the area and that the organization would not go to move anywhere else.

There is a fence as well in the old photo in comparison to how the other building looks without a fence. Again, there is more of a representational aspect where people look at a place with higher sophistication when there is no protective fence. When there is not a fence there is more of a connection created between the community in comparison to there being a fence because people feel more welcomed when they are not restricted or deterred. Not only is the fence no longer there in the second photograph which shows more of an accessible attitude but there is also a feeling of safety. Since the fence is not within the second photo there is also an attitude that the people around are not being kept out for participating in either illegal activity or with other aspects the organization wanted to distance themselves from.

The ambience of the pictures and how they are placed within the article also represent a different way that the website targeted giving their message to their given audience. By having the pictures and the story being placed side by side there is more of a reference to the pictures and a connection to the story next to it. Instead of the pictures being at the top and the story being at the bottom there is an apparent distinguishing highlight on how the story has affected the transition from one house to another. With that transition being shown next to the story it further explains how they were able to reach the exact change they strived for in the beginning.

Picture of the children that are on the headline for the website

The picture of the children at the main header part of the website also established a certain tone for the audience through the website. The children are not models they are just typical children from the neighborhood. Having ordinary children is another aspect that encourages the audience to believe that the organization is not a fraud and is truly created in order to help these young children and their parents. There is more of a genuine quality that has been established with having average children be in the main photograph for the website. Their mission statement says that they are there “to offer developmentally appropriate early childhood education activities” and the pictures enhances the credibility that they are trying to have with their audience. Another aspect of the picture that seems authentic is that the picture was clearly taken on just a random day with the children that were already playing and having fun. The little girl to the left even is not looking at the camera and that shows another candid portion to how the website wants to be. The children are seen in a positive light that proves to the audience that the children genuinely enjoy the environment and are not just there solely because they have to be and do not have a choice. There is also a personal feeling that the audience receives being that the children are real and not just props that the organization used for the website.

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