Northwest Settlement House vs Progression Place

The Northwest Settlement House and Progression Place

This picture contains the Northwest Settlement House and the Progression Place. I strategically took this screenshot at this angle to show how near they are to each other. Not only to show the distance, but the altering construction that built them. Both buildings look extremely different from each other and it is mainly because the Progression Place was just created. The Progression Place has a tons of windows and glass and metal. The Northwest Settlement House has a couple of windows but it mostly red, dull brick. The difference in the buildings is astonishing and shows the before and after of Shaw and the changes that have been happening recently.

A True Tortured Artist: Edvard Munch

“The Scream” painted by Edvard Munch

In my modern art class I have been researching Edvard Munch and learning details and facts on his life and how that influenced his artwork. I originally just assumed that he was a tortured artist solely based off his work but I did not know that there was such a depth to his trauma. One of his most famous pieces of art is probably The Scream it has been everywhere. Since there has been such clout created by this piece, there has been so many attempts on stealing this Norwegian gem. Later on, I learned that the picture was not just a random person with random circles and swirls on the page it was a real instance for Edvard Munch. People found out that the painting is actually in a real place in Norway. It was a specific bridge where apparently Edvard Munch once heard a loud screech during a nature walk with friends. Some critics believe that he was just hearing voices because that is one of the main things that he is known for having.

Edvard Munch in a photograph

Also Edvard Munch expressed his tortured inside emotions through this piece but after I dug into his upbringing I was able to understand more of what he went through. When Edvard was just 5 years old, his mother died from tuberculosis. Especially since his father was a physician, he was distraught that his father could not assist his mother in her time of need. Also his sister died from tuberculosis later on and she was well known for being Edvard’s favorite sibling. His only brother also died but from pneumonia which impacted his emotional stability yet again. His father convinced him that the family was cursed and it seemed to make sense of why his paintings were as deranged as they were.

Recycling at American University

Each bin that is offered at American University and all over campus

Whether or not people are aware of the influence recycling has on the environment, there is definitely a portion of American University that is all about recycling. For there to be so many different bins within the entire campus grounds, there is absolutely an amount of importance put on organizing the waste products of American University. Before in high school I also just put every thing into one waste bin and then just plastic water bottles within the another bin. I was not aware of so many other options that were available for organizing the waste materials of everyday people. For there to be so many options it also makes it seem a little confusing on what to put in each bins and how to separate our waste. The pictures on the bins help but not everyone can be bothered with doing so much organizing when they are probably already in a rush. Regardless of how people react, American University is making a statement in trying to help recycling become more common.

Does It Dry Up Like A Raisin in The Sun?

Cover of the play, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Recently I went to see a performance of a play called A Raisin in The Sun written by Lorraine Hansberry. I have read the script in high school before so I knew the synopsis of what the play is generally about. I have also read the poem, A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes, in high school which is what the play’s title is based off of. It is safe to say that I have a lot of well versed history and background on the play so I was excited to see the play be brought to life. The play took place at the Arena Stage and was about 3 hours long. I wanted to see whether or not the play would do the script justice and if there would be a good depiction of what the script highlighted. Since the play took place in an arena there were audience members on each side of the stage.

A depiction of an arena stage

There was just a room in the middle of the entire audience which really highlighted some of the key ideas that the play was supposed to represent. There was a creation established and it truly was amazing and great to see. I believe that people should definitely see the production but mainly after reading the script.

The Washington DC Flag More Famous Than I Thought

My friend Skylar, wearing the t shirt that was given to her by the school during welcome week

American University was handing out plenty of different t shirts during welcome week for freshmen and also just throughout the year. For this time period I did not necessarily look at all of these shirts in depth but after learning about how the Washington DC flag is everywhere and in everything I began to see it all over the place. One of the first times I saw the flag was on my friend’s shirt.  Seeing the shirt made me think back to when we discussed the flag in class and I had to capture it. I was so excited to see where else the flag was. Also I never questioned or knew the symbol before class, probably why I never noticed it around. Another time I saw the flag was at the bus stop. I was waiting for the bus and then I saw it right there at the stop. I never really realized how important and prevalent the Washington DC flag was but I will never forget it now.

Does The Progression Place Truly Create Progress? DC’s Progression Place on the Market. N. p., 2017. Web. 13 Apr. 2017.

This source explains aspects of the Progression Place before it was became the building and business it now is. The source tells the reader about the connection that the Progression Place has to the United Negro College Fund. The building  did not seem to have a ton of credibility till this organization was mentioned. The Progression Place and the “team of developers behind” it seem to be trying to get more people and companies involved within the building. The developers want “buyers for the multimillion-dollar development” and they have plenty of good expectations and buyers with potential. The only issue is that there are other developments that are offering to the same people the developers of the Progression Place. Some of those places, like CityMarket O, and a ton of other new developments within the area.

The help from this source that would contribute to my paper is a new mindset on the potential that the Progression Place had before it became what it currently is. There was more to the Progression Place rather than just developers creating a building and companies wanting to be in there. For the Progression Place to thrive there had to be companies willing to relocate to the area and if there were no companies, there would be no Progression Place. Since the developers spent millions of dollars on the building and creating it, there being no companies was not an option. The developers were determined despite all the other buildings who needed companies as well. By having this information, there is more of a perspective in the creation of the Progression Place and what the developers had to go through for it’s success.

Paul, Shilpi. Shaw’s Progression Place Up For Sale. Web. 13 Apr. 2017.

At the time that this piece was written, the Progression Place was only being created and was not fully functioning. The plan was created for what they intended for the building but unsure if the project would be successful and worth all the effort. The creation was purposely going to be mixed-use in order to benefit the community in the best way. By the creators of the Progression Place making the building for multiple purposes, there was a clear advantage to the community from this decision. The people within the community can have many businesses in a large building rather than just a small building with one single business. The Developer Four Points LLC believed that in making this building, “capital would be raised for other planned ventures in its pipeline”. The contractors knew what they were doing by making more businesses and such and knew the benefits it would create.

I believe that incorporating this article into my paper would allow there to be a different dynamic to the topic I am discussing. For the plan of the building to be incorporated into my paper, there would be an advantage for having that perspective. In my paper, I want to be able to compare different point of views and what this article does is give the constructors and developers’s thoughts. The article gives details that involve the main plans that the developers wanted and intended for this project. By there being such interesting points in what the developers planned, there must have been a necessary part of my paper because there are not many articles that talk about the plans. While most articles discuss the reaction the people of the community have, this article is different and discusses the reaction that the contractors desired.

Northwest Settlement House In Depth

Northwest Settlement House daycare. Urban Moms and Dads. Web. 9 Apr. 2017.

DC Urban Moms and Dads gives great feedback on all of the current happenings that are occurring within the community. These are real people giving their real opinions untainted and with no bounds.

Dad reading a book to his son

There is a special candid aspect to these types of webpages when people are able to give their opinion. The website allows there to be no bias or reasons for there to be any challenges people need to face by having the authors all be anonymous. The people who comment on these posts believe what they believe and are not influenced by anyone to say something on the website that they do not personally think is true. Some of the people have kind words about the place and others not as much but regardless they are their opinions simple, cut, and dry.

By having these opinions there can be more depth and discussion for my paper. There are going to be more perspectives for my paper rather than just what the people who work at the Northwest Settlement House believe and more than what I think about the place after research. I see plenty of potential within this website to give my paper a different outlook and mindset. This website will give my paper more of a way for the community’s actual opinion to be apart of something rather than just businesses. There will be more of an opinion for the paper instead of just facts which will help build up my point more and give more first  hand evidence.

“Northwest Settlement House Cdc | WASHINGTON DC Licensed Child Development Center”. N. p., 2017. Web. 9 Apr. 2017.

This source gives more specific details in what the Northwest Settlement House and how they typically run day to day activities. There are more technicalities described about the Development Day Care program that is provided within the Northwest Settlement House. The source states that the program administers stimulating and nurturing child care. The ages of the children that they help are from 6 weeks to 5 years old. The Northwest Settlement House has the preschool program that is “accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children” which is an absolutely credible organization. Also the hours for the Northwest Settlement House are Mondays – Thursdays from 7 am to 6 pm and then Fridays from 7 am – 5:30 pm. These hours are extremely accessible for the parents and families that are in the nearby area.

The Northwest Settlement House has their way of how they manage their system and this source helps show how the they are helpful to the community that they are located within. The Northwest Settlement House by having such long hours is definitely beneficial for parents who have to work early in the morning at 7 am to those parents that work till late like 6 pm. Most of the parents within this area probably work long hours therefore by the Northwest Settlement House being available in such a fashion is extremely useful and valuable for the parents and families. Also with the Northwest Settlement House being able to watch children from 6 weeks to 5 years old that also gives the parents and families more leeway with their children. If the children can be watched from such a young age then the parents have to opportunity to work and do other activities without having to worry about their young child.

TeNehisi Coates Discussion Periscope

Throughout his InBound 2016 speech, TeNehisi believes that America needs to address their underlying issues and stop ignoring them as if they do not exist. Within his speech he refers to how slaves were worth more than $3.8 billion which was what the wealth of America was at the time of around 1860. He explained how the economy at the time was significantly reliant on slaves especially the people in the South. TeNehisi explained that people he recently spoke to did not discuss the American Civil War as a problem based upon slavery and racism. People would say the cause was for state pride or being forced to fight, etc. But by the end, all that mattered was that there were 4 million “free” African Americans. The free was hesitant because they were not treated as free people nor citizens of the country that they were brought to against their will. For the next 100 some odd years the government would not let African Americans vote as citizens but made African Americans pay taxes as if they were citizens. TeNehisi then proclaimed how some of the people within the very room of the InBound 2016 conference were alive during the time where African Americans were not allowed to vote in the 1960s or at least their parents were.

TeNehisi related the history of America to the future that we are now facing with Trump being President of the United States and the former circumstances with President Barack Obama. When he contrasted the situations to each other he made sure to establish his purpose. He did not want to say anything bettering one President to another only wanting to show how he believed the differences were perceived between 1619 to 2008. TeNehisi believes that he underestimated the past of the country because he assumed there was progress because of Obama’s Presidency in 2008. He thought that the African American community was facing more benefits to come but instead the old America which never truly disappeared came out instead. The old America was what elected Trump into office. Even when Obama was in office there was racially motivated rumors about where he was born and all other accusations. But nothing was as clear to TeNehisi as to when Trump was elected.

TeNehisi tries to show that America needs to accept itself for it’s past and near future with Trump otherwise there will be no change. There will be no difference. He ended the speech saying that is there is no acceptance and acknowledgement soon then there will not only be an age the same thought process with Trump for the next 4 years but infinitely.

TeNehisi Coates Discussion Facebook Post

Ta-Nehisi Coates started out the conversation with his wife’s love of France and how she wanted him to go there as well. She knew he would love it because he loves European history so it only makes sense for him to go to Europe and see it for himself. Ta-Nehisi told his wife he would only go to France if he learned the language. Then he actually learned French to go to France. He loved the experience there and the people. He made a ton of friends and was engulfed in the culture that the French had. He enjoined not having anyone speak English around him because he enjoined not knowing. Also he said that there would be some Americans who would not react this way. Some, probably most, Americans would point at things and speak in a louder, slower voice and assume that talking that way would allow there to be some sort of translation of English that way. Also he mentioned how the Black Lives Matter movement has progressed even more than he thought it has because it has a presence in France. He thinks that if the Black Lives Matter movement was not as powerful as it is then race would not be as mainstream of a topic as it is now. For a football player to not say the pledge of allegiance during a game, there was no way that would have been accepted by the NFL before now and before the movement. There were times when Ta-Nehisi was not sure if he should support the Black Lives Matter movement of not, but now he is sure that they are doing the right thing. Some people underestimate this movement and do not give it the credit it deserves but by Ta-Nehisi seeing that the movement has reached France, there was a definite confirmation on the strength that this movement has.


During the semester, my friend Isabella has been organizing this event called EagleTHON. It is a 12 hour dance marathon and she needed everyone’s support. We were trying to raise as much money as we could and it ended up working out. Our team raised the most money out of all of the other teams.

My friends and floormates, from left to right starting at the top Mackenzie, myself, Grace, Skylar, Sydney, Rachel, Lucy, Maggie, Isabella, and Kim

Every dollar counts because in the end it all adds up. FTK is the sign that we are holding which stands for “For The Kids” which is exactly what the event was created for. All of the money that was raised went to help the children’s hospital and all the children that need help and cannot afford it.  We even had two children come from the hospital to talk about their experiences. It was a powerful event and inspired me to help others more. I will definitely be taking part in the event next year!