Does The Progression Place Truly Create Progress? DC’s Progression Place on the Market. N. p., 2017. Web. 13 Apr. 2017.

This source explains aspects of the Progression Place before it was became the building and business it now is. The source tells the reader about the connection that the Progression Place has to the United Negro College Fund. The building  did not seem to have a ton of credibility till this organization was mentioned. The Progression Place and the “team of developers behind” it seem to be trying to get more people and companies involved within the building. The developers want “buyers for the multimillion-dollar development” and they have plenty of good expectations and buyers with potential. The only issue is that there are other developments that are offering to the same people the developers of the Progression Place. Some of those places, like CityMarket O, and a ton of other new developments within the area.

The help from this source that would contribute to my paper is a new mindset on the potential that the Progression Place had before it became what it currently is. There was more to the Progression Place rather than just developers creating a building and companies wanting to be in there. For the Progression Place to thrive there had to be companies willing to relocate to the area and if there were no companies, there would be no Progression Place. Since the developers spent millions of dollars on the building and creating it, there being no companies was not an option. The developers were determined despite all the other buildings who needed companies as well. By having this information, there is more of a perspective in the creation of the Progression Place and what the developers had to go through for it’s success.

Paul, Shilpi. Shaw’s Progression Place Up For Sale. Web. 13 Apr. 2017.

At the time that this piece was written, the Progression Place was only being created and was not fully functioning. The plan was created for what they intended for the building but unsure if the project would be successful and worth all the effort. The creation was purposely going to be mixed-use in order to benefit the community in the best way. By the creators of the Progression Place making the building for multiple purposes, there was a clear advantage to the community from this decision. The people within the community can have many businesses in a large building rather than just a small building with one single business. The Developer Four Points LLC believed that in making this building, “capital would be raised for other planned ventures in its pipeline”. The contractors knew what they were doing by making more businesses and such and knew the benefits it would create.

I believe that incorporating this article into my paper would allow there to be a different dynamic to the topic I am discussing. For the plan of the building to be incorporated into my paper, there would be an advantage for having that perspective. In my paper, I want to be able to compare different point of views and what this article does is give the constructors and developers’s thoughts. The article gives details that involve the main plans that the developers wanted and intended for this project. By there being such interesting points in what the developers planned, there must have been a necessary part of my paper because there are not many articles that talk about the plans. While most articles discuss the reaction the people of the community have, this article is different and discusses the reaction that the contractors desired.

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