The Washington DC Flag More Famous Than I Thought

My friend Skylar, wearing the t shirt that was given to her by the school during welcome week

American University was handing out plenty of different t shirts during welcome week for freshmen and also just throughout the year. For this time period I did not necessarily look at all of these shirts in depth but after learning about how the Washington DC flag is everywhere and in everything I began to see it all over the place. One of the first times I saw the flag was on my friend’s shirt.  Seeing the shirt made me think back to when we discussed the flag in class and I had to capture it. I was so excited to see where else the flag was. Also I never questioned or knew the symbol before class, probably why I never noticed it around. Another time I saw the flag was at the bus stop. I was waiting for the bus and then I saw it right there at the stop. I never really realized how important and prevalent the Washington DC flag was but I will never forget it now.

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