Recycling at American University

Each bin that is offered at American University and all over campus

Whether or not people are aware of the influence recycling has on the environment, there is definitely a portion of American University that is all about recycling. For there to be so many different bins within the entire campus grounds, there is absolutely an amount of importance put on organizing the waste products of American University. Before in high school I also just put every thing into one waste bin and then just plastic water bottles within the another bin. I was not aware of so many other options that were available for organizing the waste materials of everyday people. For there to be so many options it also makes it seem a little confusing on what to put in each bins and how to separate our waste. The pictures on the bins help but not everyone can be bothered with doing so much organizing when they are probably already in a rush. Regardless of how people react, American University is making a statement in trying to help recycling become more common.

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