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Welcome To My Website! My name is Jade and within this website you will learn a lot about me and Washington D.C.. Some of what you learn with be based off my research and some will be based on my personal life. I will go into many details on the surrounding area of 7th and S street, pertaining the novel S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda.

In this novel, Ruben Castaneda explains his life story of how he got to where he is today. In this novel, the area that I document has been an intersection where there has been shooting causing three people’s deaths.

Now in this intersection there has been a change to the demographics. There are new buildings and some old ones that have changed throughout the years. The Northwest Settlement House has definitely changed a lot throughout the years and that is shown in my Essay 1 that is hyperlinked for when someone clicks on “Northwest Settlement House”.  Another business that is in this intersection is Log Cabin Liquors. This establishment has been affected by plenty of the changes that have occurred on this intersection. Another building that has influenced this territory is Progression Place.  There were many expectations that this building had to uphold and it truly has lived up to them. There are plenty of differences between these businesses and buildings like Northwest Settlement House compared to Progression Place. Despite the clout that Progression Place has created, it was not always there and there was definitely a time before.

Not only do I discuss this intersection’s history but I talk about my personal life. I upload many commonplaces that involve all that I have experienced this past semester. All of these posts range from a lot of different things that I have seen throughout my experiences in D.C..

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