Presentations With Pizzazz

Image of an example webpage

Everyone has their own websites set up for the presentation and I was eager to see everyone’s but unfortunately I was not able to stay the entire time. For the website that I saw there was a bright blue side bar and a white background with black lettering. For the person’s presentation that I saw, the area that was chosen was extremely interesting. They has decided to go with an area around Dupont Circle.

Screenshot of google maps, Dupont Circle

It was interesting that they chose this location to me because it is an extremely common place for me. I did not know much history of the area so I wanted to know what had happened in the past in an area that I currently hang out in. The person’s research led to all this information about all these obstacles that the LGBTQ+ had phased within this area. The area has some history that many people are not aware of and I definitely am one of those people. I would love to know more and see all of the research that this person has completed.

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