Analysis of: Rice’s “Inquiry as Social Action”

In Rice’s “Inquiry as Social Action,” she discusses the need “to cultivate public subjects who are capable of imagining themselves as situated with many complex networks” (163). Such as when BP had the oil spill at Deepwater Horizon. BP was negligent when it came to precautionary measures and then they failed at stopping the spill for a while. All of these actions by BP caused a “national boycott against BP gas stations” (164). While the boycott made BP lose a ton of money from their mistake, it did not fix the initial issue that was: the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While BP gas is not being purchased by people, other gas stations that use the same method that BP used are now getting more business. Therefore the only accomplishment of the boycott was showing how no one supported BP but people were still financially supporting the method in which BP got their oil and created the oil spill.

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