Analysis of: Rice’s “Inquiry as Social Action”

In Rice’s “Inquiry as Social Action,” she discusses the need “to cultivate public subjects who are capable of imagining themselves as situated with many complex networks” (163). Such as when BP had the oil spill at Deepwater Horizon. BP was negligent when it came to precautionary measures and then they failed at stopping the spill for a while. All of these actions by BP caused a “national boycott against BP gas stations” (164). While the boycott made BP lose a ton of money from their mistake, it did not fix the initial issue that was: the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While BP gas is not being purchased by people, other gas stations that use the same method that BP used are now getting more business. Therefore the only accomplishment of the boycott was showing how no one supported BP but people were still financially supporting the method in which BP got their oil and created the oil spill.

Analysis of: Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment”

In Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment,” she explains how “the built environment is characterized by man-made physical features that make it difficult for often poor people and people of color to have access to certain places” (1934). Within a built environment, there is a certain structure created that the community people have to follow based off of what is provided to them. For example, “the absence of sidewalks and crosswalks” contributed to isolating poor people and people of color because of the circumstances that they were currently facing (1934). For poor people and people of color, it was a known opinion of both of these parties that they did not commonly drive and would walk and take buses mostly. Another instance where this occurred was in Long Island with Robert Moses. He designed many of the areas in Long Island and he “directed overpasses to be built intentionally low so that buses could not pass under” which prohibited many poor people and people of color from being able to gain access to specific parts of Long Island like the beach (1937). This mostly affected people of color and poor people because they were the people “who most relied on public transportation” (1937). This decision to have overpasses be purposely low prohibited many people from having the same opportunity as others and made the built environment of Long Island bias to the people living there. Another area negatively affected by built environment is Atlanta, Georgia. The public transportation system is the “Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority (MARTA)” and it did not give accessibility to certain areas based on built environment (1937). Certain areas did not want MARTA to be able to reach them because the areas were owned by “wealthy, mostly white residents” and they did not want to “give people of color easy access to suburban communities” (1938). By not giving people of color access to these more wealthy areas, they were subjected to being confined in more poorer areas instead. Also with no ability to reach Northern Atlanta, people of color were not able to hold higher paying jobs there causing them to have less opportunities. Since people of color and poor people were purposely cut out of these specific more affluent areas, they were given no choice but to stay where they were used to if they used public transportation.

Presentations With Pizzazz

Image of an example webpage

Everyone has their own websites set up for the presentation and I was eager to see everyone’s but unfortunately I was not able to stay the entire time. For the website that I saw there was a bright blue side bar and a white background with black lettering. For the person’s presentation that I saw, the area that was chosen was extremely interesting. They has decided to go with an area around Dupont Circle.

Screenshot of google maps, Dupont Circle

It was interesting that they chose this location to me because it is an extremely common place for me. I did not know much history of the area so I wanted to know what had happened in the past in an area that I currently hang out in. The person’s research led to all this information about all these obstacles that the LGBTQ+ had phased within this area. The area has some history that many people are not aware of and I definitely am one of those people. I would love to know more and see all of the research that this person has completed.

Intro to My Website

Welcome To My Website! My name is Jade and within this website you will learn a lot about me and Washington D.C.. Some of what you learn with be based off my research and some will be based on my personal life. I will go into many details on the surrounding area of 7th and S street, pertaining the novel S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda.

In this novel, Ruben Castaneda explains his life story of how he got to where he is today. In this novel, the area that I document has been an intersection where there has been shooting causing three people’s deaths.

Now in this intersection there has been a change to the demographics. There are new buildings and some old ones that have changed throughout the years. The Northwest Settlement House has definitely changed a lot throughout the years and that is shown in my Essay 1 that is hyperlinked for when someone clicks on “Northwest Settlement House”.  Another business that is in this intersection is Log Cabin Liquors. This establishment has been affected by plenty of the changes that have occurred on this intersection. Another building that has influenced this territory is Progression Place.  There were many expectations that this building had to uphold and it truly has lived up to them. There are plenty of differences between these businesses and buildings like Northwest Settlement House compared to Progression Place. Despite the clout that Progression Place has created, it was not always there and there was definitely a time before.

Not only do I discuss this intersection’s history but I talk about my personal life. I upload many commonplaces that involve all that I have experienced this past semester. All of these posts range from a lot of different things that I have seen throughout my experiences in D.C..

Final Mapping Commonplace: UNCF and Teach For America

There are many businesses and establishments held within the Progression Place building. The Progression Place has created a new environment where many businesses come together in one building in order to have a breading ground for success. There have been many new and old businesses in this building that have been either just been established in the building or have had their business for some time. What the Progression Place is attempting to do is help those in this community and have more opportunities available for the people there. It is known that 7th and S street has been a place where there was a shooting that lead to the death of 3 people, but there is more to this community than that. The Progression Place was not always like this, there was a before.  That before was not always great or positive but that before is in the past. There is a new and bright future for this area and this building is contributing to that. There is a part of the building holds a UNCF sign outside. The UNCF on the sign outside of this part of the building is for the organization called United Negro College Fund. This organization has the motto that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” (Our Mission). 

The main issue that the UNCF is trying to help with is giving every American an opportunity of receiving the same level education. Some might believe that there is equal opportunity for all but that is not the case and the UNCF is aware of that. Many people who are either African American or poor people, do not receive the same favorable circumstances as all other Americans are given. Poor people and some African Americans are located in built environments where there are not many successful people therefore causing them to not believe in themselves. For there to be a majority of folks around the community that are doing poorly financially, the children growing up in these areas might believe they are not capable of accomplishing much either. Not only are children growing up with this belief but they are also not aware of given options around them that could help them to be more successful in the future. There is a large amount of people that are unable to receive a higher education level than others because of their financial status. Not only are people unable to receive higher degrees, they are looked at as people who should not or cannot. Some people do not believe in themselves to be able to get a college degree because of how the people around them do not receive them. Normally, when the people around you are used to a structure the people growing up in this built environment tend to stick to the same course. There are always a few people who try to achieve bigger dreams than the people around them but the UNCF tries to help with making those dreams possible. UNCF also encouraged young people to reach for their dreams and supplies them with certain opportunities that they would not have without UNCF.

The UNCF wants to level the playing field and give everyone equal opportunity to achieve their goals in life. For the UNCF, they truly want the children in this area to do better and to escape the path that they are supposedly destined to follow. The UNCF wants to “ensure more students are college-ready, enroll in college and persist to graduation” (Our Mission). If there are more children growing up in this area and receiving their college degrees, there will be more help and hope for the generations that follow them. Having children finishing high school and going to good colleges after become a regular occurrence in this area would be a great change to what this built environment has created over the years. The UNCF wants to figure out a plan for there to be more college students and high school graduates. But in order for there to be more college students that are African American or poor, there needs to be more help for there to be an even amount of opportunity for all races to get into college and finish high school. This is where UNCF comes in to do their part in making opportunity equal for everyone in America. What the UNCF does to ensure this is by “creating a college-going culture in the African American community” (Our Mission). If there is this “college-going culture” then college will be looked at as less of a jump from high school and more as a next step in a successful future that everyone partakes in. The programs that they have established have a home base in Progression Place and help the surrounding community. Since the UNCF is located in the Progression Place there is a more direct way for the children in this community to gain that help and access to a better life and a more successful future.

Also in Progression Place, there is the organization, Teach For America. This company is similar to the UNCF because they have similar goals in helping the growing children within this built environment created for them. What Teach For America is based on is, “giving all students access to an excellent education” (Our Impact). For the past 26 years, there has been this organization. While it is not new to doing what they must it is new to this area because of the Progression Place. Since the Progression Place is located here, there has been a ton of organizations established closer to this area that what to help to make the community a better place. Teach For America has tried to help those in need receive a better education than expected from their built environment. For there to be 3,400 incoming corps members in 2016 the organization must be achieving great progress with these students (Graph Below). Graduating seniors, graduate students, and professionals have all been on the rise since this organization was created. The Progression Place is a breeding ground for these types of organizations. The Progression Place allows there to be all different kinds of organizations in this moderately poor neighborhood and all these organizations are trying to help the circumstances that are being faced by the people within this built environment.

The reason why I chose these two as my commonplaces is because they show the true reason and purpose of the Progression Place. For the Progression Place to have at least two organizations created based on helping those around them, there is major benefit to the community where this building is located. These organizations and many others will end up breading more successful children and a brighter future for many of these children that they were not able to fathom before now. There is a special community bond that the Progression Place has created because of how the businesses inside the building are trying to help those that are in need in the nearby community. There has been a built environment where many of these people fail in being a success because of their circumstances but the Progression Place is trying to change that. The Progression Place was just recently created and is already making such headway within this community. This building truly has lived up to the expectations held for it and the name it has been titled as. There has been an immense amount of progress in the education system for the students in the nearby schools and that is because of the Progression Place’s location and the diligent people that work in the building. There has always been a need for better education in these areas but not many have stepped up to the plate to make that actually happen.

Work Cited

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Expectations Progression Place and the 7th Flats

Meier, Jared. N. p., 2017. Web. 1 May 2017.

The basis of this article is that there is a large market around for this building and the businesses within it. This building contains 19,000 square feet of shops and other businesses. Within this article, the market of that the location established is described. The article also mentions how the building was desired to be in this area because of how historic and vibrant this area is. Also the location is right next to the Shaw Metro station and that was an extremely critical part of the plan. With the metro stop being right there, people are more inclined to go straight to this building because of this accessibility.

I need to incorporate this article into my paper because it also includes what the planners of these buildings anticipated before they completed this project. There was a need for the metro stop because of how easy that allows people without cars to get to this area. The Progression Place truly resembles what the new Shaw will most likely look like in the future. Instead of buildings remaining in the area, there seems to be a new system coming into play. The Progression Place represents that and shows how new Shaw can become. For one building to carry so many buildings and such progress, there has to be more to come with this marketing plan showing all the highlights that this area has to offer.

“The Amenities | 7Th Flats | Apartments Near The Shaw – Howard U Metro”. 7th Flats. N. p., 2017. Web. 1 May 2017.

The main problems that the 7th Flats wanted to solve or at least assist with are within this article. This article explains how the city of D.C. offers a lot to the people living in the community. The 7th Flats aim was to have business and pleasure take place in the same building. There are nice views of the area and it is a great hang out spot for friends. The developers believe that there is a perfect balance at the 7th Flats for all kinds of moods for whatever anyone has to do.

An example of a fitness center

Concierge being there for your every need or want

They believe that since there is: 24/7 concierge, shops and restaurants downstairs and a 24 hour fitness center, live will be easier for those that live there. The building was created to make live easier and more convenient.

The main reason why I wanted to incorporate this article into my paper is because there is a specific way that developers want the 7th Flats to be perceived and that is within this article. The 7th Flats is supposed to be looked at as a place where you can get everything that you want. The only problem with this is that not everyone in this community can afford to live there and spend money in all of the conveniently located stores. There is a rooftop pool and all types of benefits but if the people in this area cannot afford it, then it is a lost cause.

7th Flats Vision

The 7th Flats in a depiction of what it would look like when created

There was a major plan in set for the 7th Flats when they were being built. This picture is the vision that the developers had for the building. They definitely wanted the area to be highly populated and wanted to create a new atmosphere. The developers did not only create a building but a different environment. They planned a building but also they planned trees and incorporated people into their vision. The 7th Flats were not only creating a building for people to live in, they wanted to make a completely new environment for those living in Shaw.

Log Cabin Liquors Wide Shot

Log Cabin Liquor Store with a wider shot that also captures the painting on the side of the building 

This picture captures Log Cabin Liquor store while including the painting that has been on the side wall of the building. There is a large presence that the painting establishes for this store. The painting shows the beauty that is in Shaw and how it is slightly hidden and looked over. While Log Cabin Liquor store is not especially large, it is still in the same location as the hidden painting. Log Cabin Liquors does not seem to have an especially huge presence, but the painting makes a loud statement for the building.

Progression Place Before Today

The construction site of what was going to be the Progression Place in 2011

This picture captures that there was not always the Progression Place that is highly admired today. This project took a while to create and did not always look so gorgeous as it does now. There was a lot that had to be done to create such an immense building for all of these businesses. There was not always hope for this project to be successful and to open as soon as it did because of what the developers were starting out with. This site shows only the beginnings of the good that would come out of the Progression Place.


Northwest Settlement House vs Progression Place

The Northwest Settlement House and Progression Place

This picture contains the Northwest Settlement House and the Progression Place. I strategically took this screenshot at this angle to show how near they are to each other. Not only to show the distance, but the altering construction that built them. Both buildings look extremely different from each other and it is mainly because the Progression Place was just created. The Progression Place has a tons of windows and glass and metal. The Northwest Settlement House has a couple of windows but it mostly red, dull brick. The difference in the buildings is astonishing and shows the before and after of Shaw and the changes that have been happening recently.