During the semester, my friend Isabella has been organizing this event called EagleTHON. It is a 12 hour dance marathon and she needed everyone’s support. We were trying to raise as much money as we could and it ended up working out. Our team raised the most money out of all of the other teams.

My friends and floormates, from left to right starting at the top Mackenzie, myself, Grace, Skylar, Sydney, Rachel, Lucy, Maggie, Isabella, and Kim

Every dollar counts because in the end it all adds up. FTK is the sign that we are holding which stands for “For The Kids” which is exactly what the event was created for. All of the money that was raised went to help the children’s hospital and all the children that need help and cannot afford it.  We even had two children come from the hospital to talk about their experiences. It was a powerful event and inspired me to help others more. I will definitely be taking part in the event next year!