Choosing housing for next year was this week and I got into East Campus. I was ecstatic about making the cut but it was not easy. I had the first day of choosing but my time was slightly after midday. I was in class during the time so it was difficult for me to be the leader so I had to switch it to my future roomie, Skylar. She was the one who would not be in class at the time making her be the most available out of the two of us. We were both stressed about the whole situation because it was going to determine a lot for us next year. Skylar managed to get us the perfect room view a great view and everything. I’m glad that she was able to help and do what she needed to do. My professor for my specific time actually gave the 3 hour class I was in a break and I was grateful for that. It permitted me to be able to call Skylar and decipher which room we get the best vibes from. I am just ready and excited for sophomore year!