This gif is a scene from the show Scandal. The current character being shown is Rowan,the father of the main character, Olivia Pope. The general storyline of the show is that Olivia is the mistress of the President of the United States but mostly an extremely successful business woman who has a lot of respect and clout that she has gained over her years in D.C. In this scene, Rowan is yelling at her and saying “How many times have I told you, you have to be what?” She embarrassedly responds “You have to work twice as hard to have half of what they have.”

Personally, I have always enjoyed the show and watched it with my family but this quote meant something more to me than just fiction because my mom has always told me this. The quote is in reference to how as a black person, especially a black woman in America, has to put in twice as much work and effort but in the end will still receive “half” or a portion of what the white person would.

In the scene, Rowan is upset that Olivia has seemed to throw out all of her hard earned accomplishments when he knows that she does not have the option of making the same mistakes as her white counterparts.  She has forgotten that she is not on the same level playing field. Her mistakes are more severe and threatening to her career and future than theirs because of stereotypes and other forms of discrimination.

This quote reminds me that I need to push myself as a black woman to achieve the unachievable despite others positions. I will probably never forget this quote because it gives me strength in how I have to change the world for me and the upcoming generation.