The Era of Spring Breakers

The typical spring break for college students is to go to some hot climate, like Miami or Cancun, with all of their other college friends and just get totally wasted. This is the mentality that many movies have depicted to most high school students and other younger crowds but that simply is just not the case.

As I have gotten older I have reached my first year of college and am now approaching spring break. I do not understand how people could possibly go on such trips when I will still be immensely stressed throughout break. For one the break is only for a week and that cannot be enough time for much. Also in my school you cannot stay on campus which is what I originally thought about doing because I did not see a point in going home only for a short week. I rather just hang out and chill with my friends from college but everyone is just focused on their parents and other family. Also I want to see my family that I have not seen in forever because I miss them everyday and want to see them whenever I get the chance.

The hyped up spring break is not a reality at all and truly the has turned spring break into an unrealistic expectation for younger teenagers to have for when they will be having their turn for spring break. There should definitely be a movie created that will show that spring break is not all that. All I will be doing is getting ahead for my second half of the semester and hanging with family and friends.