Built Description Exterior: A Giant Food Store

Jordan Schreer

The grocery store on the corner of 7th and O Street seems to have a creepy and eerie name to it. Back in March of 1994, the first shooting occurred within the walls of store. This then happened again, although the recent shooting was only a couple years ago in what is now a Giant food store. What has changed since the first shooting? What hasn’t changed? Many people probably do not understand the history of this place. They think of it as a source of consumables, a place that gives literal energy to them.



Upon arriving at 7th and O Street NW, it seemed to not live up to its name. The dark red brick that surrounded the food seemed to be newly renovated, or at least looked pristine. The appearance of the food store has not changed dramatically since the 90’s, only the color of the brick and the roof appear to be different from aging. Stepping inside this food store, happiness surrounded me rather than a horrific murder. Colorful fruits lined up in bins, vegetables were in the open fridge as I saw the smoke of the cold air reveal itself. This was a place to get food, a place that keeps people alive, the opposite of what happened in March of 1994.




At first, I assumed that I would take a look at a place of an old crime scene, but after discovering the cleanliness of not only the building itself, but the surroundings as well, I decided to buy a few groceries- two birds with one stone, right? Behind the building from the direction that I was facing, beautiful new apartment buildings barricaded the Giant food store. On top of those apartments, there is a rooftop dog park, a doggy day care for the apartment owners. The convenience of the Giant location for the people who live in those apartments is perfect. It is a 3-minute walk, including elevator rides, to pick up an early dinner and a bottle of wine. It was a place that felt like home, a place where I could see myself living, given its amazing location.

To my knowledge, I don’t know if I have stepped foot in a place that had a shooting so this is something I thought about, not only for the project, but for my safety as well. This spot seems to be a current site of murder, but why? I am curious what route the shooters decided to take to get to the corner of 7th and O Street. Why did they decide to go there? I did not have visual images of a gruesome person shooting unarmed civilians when walking around the Giant food store, but in the back of my head, a feeling of uncertainty filled my mind. Negative emotions ravaged my thoughts, but I don’t believe that depicts what this site really is.

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