Nature Inside Something Artificial

         Walking into a Giant food store is like walking into any supermarket. You see a bunch of contrasting colors from the fruits and vegetables aisle that somehow come together and makes it amazing to look at. You smell nature inside something that is artificial. Every aisle has a different scent, some more pleasant than others, but the one thing that stood out to me is that eerie feeling you get from looking at the ceiling.

        One of the biggest differences when I stepped foot in this grocery store, was the strange feeling that I had from the space between the ceiling and myself. Usually, I would not normally think about this, however when I am specifically looking for something that stands out, this was an obvious one. Lights that were separated in 7-foot gaps illuminated the dark wood that overshadowed the grocery shoppers.

        The style and structure of the building made me quite confused about the weather, believe it or not. Due to the dark color of the wood, and the high triangular shaped roof, I felt as if I was standing in the middle of a ski lodge and as soon as I step outside, snow will seep into my shoes and cause an uncomfortable feeling. But it was 70 degrees outside the day I visited the supermarket, sunny enough to get a tan, and costmktgiant_550loudy enough to know there is a slight wind going north. Confusion ran through my mind and it was only until I stepped outside again until I was able to understand what was the truth: I was blinded by the fact that people were murdered right where I walked.

          Taking a look around, everything seemed to be clean and neat, I guess that is an area of importance for a grocery store. Looking down, the floors were glossy enough to see reflections of light and brighter objects. While writing this, it is odd to think about what truly happened here, instead the beauty of the market itself masked the horrid murders that occurred here. Policemen arrived on the scene and investigators attempted to solve the cases of the shootings.

The Giant food store lived up to the expectations of being something other than a murder show, it’s beauty and cleanliness makes a person want to come back to purchase dinner. The employees are helpful and will cater to you if you have a question. Everything within the walls of this store is what it is meant to be, however the past will always be unsettling. The look of the Giant’s inside is masking the truth. I believe the truth is part of the past and the present is what we can see now.


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