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Built Environment Analysis

Changing Shaw Through Gentrification             A musky, lonely area is shown on the left and a lively, upbeat photo is displayed to the right. Improvements have been made in and around the 7th and O… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography

  Annotated Bibliography Fisher, Marc. “O Street Market: Symbol of Violence Becomes a Marker for D.C.’s Resurgence.” The Washington Post. The Washington Post, 2013. Web. Nov. 2016. Background: This is possibly one of my favorite sources, not only did it… Continue Reading →

Reading Analysis

Reading Analysis One: Placelessness of Political Theory         David Fleming, the author of City Of Rhetoric, writes a lot about modern philosophy, which is what caught my attention. Flemings carries Part 2 into a quite real environment, especially with what’s… Continue Reading →

Digital Description

Giant Website: A Digital Analysis Upon entering the giantfood.com  website, it seems that it is trying to please the consumer through colorful photos and current advertisements on deals. There are links on the home page that can take you elsewhere, such as the… Continue Reading →

Built Description Interior

Nature Inside Something Artificial          Walking into a Giant food store is like walking into any supermarket. You see a bunch of contrasting colors from the fruits and vegetables aisle that somehow come together and makes it… Continue Reading →

Built Description Exterior

  Built Description Exterior: A Giant Food Store Jordan Schreer The grocery store on the corner of 7th and O Street seems to have a creepy and eerie name to it. Back in March of 1994, the first shooting occurred… Continue Reading →

Commonplace Book

Commonplace Entries Entry One “Ten persons is too small for a polis; but a hundred thousand is too large.” a. The right number is probably somewhere between ten persons and hundred thousand. (a.) The difference here is I got rid… Continue Reading →

About Jordan Schreer

Jordan Schreer Born: Livingston, NJ Raised: Montville, NJ High School: Gill St. Bernards College Major: Financial Accounting Extracurricular activities: Men’s soccer- my biggest influence Birthday: April 28, 1997 Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister- Jake, Jon, Josh, and Heather Father: Art Schreer… Continue Reading →

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