So this past week I received a Facebook message from my ex, and instead of internally dissect every word and comma (as one usually does when encountering such a message), I have decided instead to examine its form and content with an academic eye- because if I’m going to overanalyze something, […]

Exs and Ohs

The George Washington University Hospital, as the name may give away, is a medical care facility. This means that access into this physical site is limited, for various reasons. However, thanks to Google, there is still a way to see inside this built environment. Pictured here is a patient room […]

DA Interior

Reading Analysis 4   In chapter 3.8 of David Fleming’s City of Rhetoric, Mr. Fleming argues that society benefits from critically examining what usually appears innocent to us and then applying that to organize the world in a certain way to increase or decrease citizens’ opportunities. The chapter, entitled “Toward […]

RA 4

Second Annotated Bibliography   Charron, David. “Five Walkable, High-Density D.C. Neighborhoods That Are Also Quiet.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 13 Mar. 2017, Accessed 25 Mar. 2017.   In David Charron’s article, “Five Walkable, High-Density D.C. Neighborhoods That Are Also Quiet”, the author insists that the location close to the […]

Annotated Bib 2

“The use of the brand Chanel was apt, with the image of Chanel’s interlocking ‘C’ logo engrained in many of our minds as some of the most iconic fashion images to emerge over the last century — a clear symbol that no matter what direction you look at it from, […]

The Complexity of Chanel

The George Washington University Hospital’s Reliance on Status The George Washington University Hospital’s website has everything one would expect from an accredited health institution’s page. It has a clean layout, thoughtful design, and plenty of accessible information. However, there is so much more to this website than what simply meets […]

GW Hospital

Part 1: “After five-plus weeks of gleefully setting the Washington establishment ablaze and declaring a new war with virtually every public utterance, Mr. Trump took the radical step on Tuesday night of delivering a soothing comfort food of an address to a jittery Congress and skeptical public.” -“5 Key Takeaways […]

3 Part Commonplace

Often times, it’s the words that aren’t said that leave more of an impact that those which actually are- unfortunately this is not the case with President Trump. On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Donald Trump made his first official address to congress. During this address, the president referenced numerous points […]

Trump’s Trash

“About George Washington University Hospital.” The George Washington University Hospital, 11 Mar. 2016,   This is a short article posted on the George Washington University Hospital’s own webpage, in order to provide a brief bio on the building. The article begins by explaining the technological advances the hospital has […]

Annotated Bibliography