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“About George Washington University Hospital.” The George Washington University Hospital, 11 Mar. 2016,


This is a short article posted on the George Washington University Hospital’s own webpage, in order to provide a brief bio on the building. The article begins by explaining the technological advances the hospital has to offer, as well as the elite clientele which they serve. The remaining paragraphs are broken down into subcategories including Clinical Expertise, Hospital Management, Mission, Vision, and Accreditation. The purpose of this webpage being to quickly yet effectively inform any possible patients or friends/family of patients that GWU (George Washington University) Hospital is not only very capable of successfully caring for their patients, but also goes above and beyond expectations in terms of technology and facility.


I plan to use this article as more of a foundation than anything else. In order to successful write about any person or object, one of the most important pieces of information one can gather is that places/individual’s own account of their background. The way this webpage is set up, the fact that the webpage exists at all, and what is contained on the page, all tell specific information about GWU Hospital. For example, the fact that GWU feels that it is necessary to have this information on their website shows that they are catering to a demographic that clearly does research into the care of their friends/family, and that their clientele clearly expect a very high level of health care. Although there isn’t much actual information on this page, it does help build a picture surrounding GWU Hospital.


“The George Washington University Hospital WASHINGTON, DC.” HCD Magazine, 31 Aug. 2005,


This is another short article about GWU Hospital, however this one is much more concerned with the building’s $96 million renovation which it received in 2002. The original hospital, according to this article, was built in 1948 and was the most technologically modern hospital of its age in DC. GWU Hospital is trying to continue with that level of technological expertise today, by rebuilding the 458,278 sqft 371-bed hospital. As GWU’s own website does, this article highlights the importance of the clientele which GWU Hospital serves, including the president and members of congress. Unlike the first article, however, this website explores the relationship between the hospital’s architecture and the surrounding neighborhood. It’s clear that the designers of the updated GWU Hospital put considerable effort into making sure the redesign matched aesthetically with the surrounding part of DC.


Although there are a few stats provided by this article that may prove to be helpful later on, the main use for this piece will be more about the importance of the build world and its interaction with people who live/ work around it. Its interesting to me that this article makes it sound like the hospital was built to match the surrounding area, yet I always thought that the surrounding area was build up to match the hospital. Clearly there’s a lot about DC, and this area in particular, that I am unaware of- even though I did grow up relatively close by. This article helped highlight something I was very unaware of, and provides good insight to an aspect that definitely requires greater research.

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