Modern Day Cinderella

“If the shoe fits, makeup your mind.”

Most teens make a poster, or maybe buy flowers in order to ask their date to prom. However, in Houston TX, a high school junior named Louis proposed the idea of prom to his friend Caitlan by buying her a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and some makeup from Sephora. The shoes, which retail for about $700, are an expensive gift, especially considering the purchaser is in high school. What made this already spectacular proposal even better would be the word play which Loius used to ask Caitlan. On a plain white posterboard, Louis wrote out in gold letters “If the shoe fits, makeup your mind”. As an avid lover of puns, I immediately thought this was clever. With references to common sayings, Cinderella, and her gift(s), the word play could be reason enough to say “yes” without hesitation. The first part, “if the shoe fits”, originally comes from the saying “if the cap fits” alludes to a fool’s cap and dates from the early 1700s. Some believe that it changed to “shoe” as a result of the fairytale Cinderella*. Here, this is extended to not only include the gift which Louis purchased, but also the formal dance which he is asking her to. Prom is famous for its elaborate dresses and festivities, which closely mirrors Cinderella. The fact that he was able to tie all of this together, whether intentional or not, is commendable. The second part of his proposal, “makeup your mind”, may not have as many cultural references, but is still clever nonetheless. Since he purchased makeup for Caitlan, and he’s asking her to choose him for Prom, his play on “make up” is unmistakeable. Overall, Caitlin’s one lucky high schooler.

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