Gender Representation

In Suzanne Tick’s article “His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society”, she argues that designers should focus a critical eye on society’s issues, particularly by promoting acceptance and change through their work. In her opinion, this is the opportune time for designers to start questioning how they incorporate gender sensitivity into their projects. Historically, society is predominantly male-based, so the ideology surrounding many aspects of modern culture is also shaped by masculinity. A good example of this would be men’s domination of the workforce, particularly in upper-level roles. These societal norms are beginning to be challenged, however, by a new wave of feminism. Celebrity speeches, legal adjustments, and increased LGBTQ awareness has helped push society towards a level of higher gender equality and representation. And with this new wave of feminism, comes a blurring of typical gender and sexuality identifying characteristics. Schools and business around the country are beginning to take steps towards greater gender inclusion, regardless of people’s preferences or self-identification. According to Tick, the industry that can take the greatest advantage of these changes, is the design industry. Since styles change so rapidly, the design industry is constantly evolving and adapting in order to match these pressures. Suzanna feels that a lot of social advancement lies on the shoulders of these designers, since they’re one of the first industries to react to societal and structural changes. The design industry needs to create with different human beings in mind, by creating pieces and designs that are respectful to individual needs. By doing this, designers can help create environments in which people can have their own individuality and identify however they feel most comfortable.

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