Changes over Time

The above is a collection of photographs from Google Street view of the George Washington University Hospital and the surrounding area. These photos start with the “current” day view, which was taken by Google in December of 2016. Under that is the oldest street view which Google has of the area, taken in August 2007. The order of the remaining screenshots is: June 2008, July 2009, June 2011, April 2014, then June 2015. What’s most interesting for me to notice, is that the exterior of GW Hospital does not change at all, yet the neighborhood does quite a bit. Most obviously would be the giant glass building which is erected across the street from GWH. However, through the trees one can also see the introduction of another office building through the years. Next to the glass building, there is also another new building which appears between 2009 and 2011. What’s also a little fun to look at is the change in car brands in these pictures. In the earliest pictures, the cars seem to be less expensive brands, such as Ford, Toyota, or cabs. However, as the years progress there are more luxury automobiles in the screenshots. In 2011, there is a Mercedes in the middle of the street, in 2015 there is a BMW and Acura, and in the most recent picture a Lexus and BMW. Now, this could be pure coincidence, or it could be very representative of the increased socioeconomic and political atmosphere of the area.

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