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Nashville’s Hidden Wisdom

“Will I forget your name as the years go by

When memories fade as memories do


I may regret forever, what I know I had to lose

But that don’t mean I won’t be missing you”

-Burn to Dark ft. Chris Carmack via Nashville

In a recent episode of ABC’s drama Nashville, one of the main characters sang a break-up song containing the lyrics quoted above. The TV show, which is centered around the country music industry (hence the original title Nashville), follows a number of country stars and their careers/ personal struggles. Although not the most profound of television series, it is definitely good for an hour or so of mindless drama accompanied by good music. Enter these lyrics. Given the shows lack of educational depth, I was pleasantly surprised by these song lyrics- particularly the line “I may regret forever, what I know I had to lose”. This is a rather complex line, which took me a second to understand. I also like how the singer seems to almost be talking to themselves, and asking then answering their own question. In the first line of the quoted lyrics, the singer asks if he will forget his ex as time passes. Then, in the very next line, mentions regretting his loose forever. Since it’s impossible to forget something and regret it at the same time, I interpret these lyrics to represent an internal struggle the singer is having dealing with his loss. As anyone who has gone through a breakup knows, it can be a dark and confusing time, which I think the song does a good job of encompassing.