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Trump’s Trash

Often times, it’s the words that aren’t said that leave more of an impact that those which actually are- unfortunately this is not the case with President Trump. On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Donald Trump made his first official address to congress. During this address, the president referenced numerous points of his agenda as leader of our great nation, including: protectionism, infrastructure and of course his many achievements from these first five weeks of his presidency. His speech, as they usually do, sparked quite a bit of conversation. Some individuals feel that he was well behaved and tame, while others feel that his speech was disconcerting, if not alarming. Countless articles, tabloid pieces, and blog posts (including this one) continue to pop up discussing every aspect of the speech and those who attended. A simple visit to any news agency’s website will result in an immediate bombardment of more Trump-themed information than most people would want to read in a lifetime. However, one of these very articles stuck out to me. This piece, written by Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee for the Washington Post, is entitled “Fact-Checking President Trump’s Address to Congress”- a simple and straightforward title for what seems to be a simple and straightforward topic. Yet, there is almost this sinking feeling in my stomach when I read the title of this article. I have to pause and think to myself, “does the President of the United States of America really need to be fact-checked?”, to which the answer is a resounding “yes”. But why are we (as a society) at a place where the leader of the free world, a man who is arguably the most powerful person alive, can stand in front of an entire congress and say false information? What’s more upsetting is the fact that all we can really do about the situation is write precisely worded articles on the topic, pointing out all of the cringe-worthy “alternative facts” Trump decides to use. This article in particular is well captured by the title- it’s well written and not rude or condescending towards the president. It seems to be written with the pure intent of informing people about the accurate and not-so-accurate pieces of our current president’s address.


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