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Neighborhood Pano

The final exterior picture is actually not one of the hospital at all (though you can see the emergency entrance in the right corner). Instead, this is a panorama of the opposite side of the street. I feel that it’s important to understand the neighborhood around GW Hospital as well (plus it’s been referenced in all other exterior digital archive pictures). Although you can’t see a ton of surrounding buildings in this picture, you can get an understanding of the surrounding area. There seems to be a decent amount of recent construction, with a “now leasing sign” on the side of the new apartment complex. The glass building directly across the street also appears to be pretty new, which says something about the area. Although not obvious in the picture. Both these buildings serve purposes for George Washington University (housing and food/ shopping/ offices). GW definitely has a strong presence in this area of DC, though it would appear that they are not trying to change the overall feeling of the landscape by any drastic means.