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DA Interior

The George Washington University Hospital, as the name may give away, is a medical care facility. This means that access into this physical site is limited, for various reasons. However, thanks to Google, there is still a way to see inside this built environment. Pictured here is a patient room (http://www.usa.skanska.com/projects/project/?pid=10839) located inside the hospital, from two different views. Its easy to see that this could be considered a fairly “nice”  and up-to-date hospital room. Of course since these are staged photographs its important to note that real life may not look quite this glamorous, but the rooms look generally clean, spacious, and contain lots of modern technology. Another photograph of the interior main nurses’ station (https://www.shannonspecialtyfloors.com/george-washington-university-hospital-washington-d-c/) is also shown, which exhibits many of the same characteristics of the room: clean, spacious, and with modern technology. For reference, I have included a picture of another hospital in DC (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/388294799092313596/), but this hospital is located in an area of lower socioeconomic status, and serves a very different clientele. This hospital, known as United Medical Center, is located in SE (rather than NW) DC- and the differences are very obvious. From these interior pictures alone, we can tell that the George Washington University Hospital is very well funded, and most likely serves a more prestigious client-base than some other hospitals in DC.