VoL Part II. Youth

By Kwesi Billups


My initial reaction notes to the piece while I was in the gallery:

Man has become his own god in the wake of his awakening. Gone are the days of his infancy, and he has demonstrated through his piloting of his own destiny. His Guardian bids him a safe journey in a gesture of measured deference. Flowers have given way to thick trees, shrubbery, and diverse flora. In the background, a glistening palace beyond the untouched and unconquered peaks. Man reaches towards the cloud palace as if it is the essence of life itself. What is it that he wishes to gain? Luxury? Peace? Status? Ultimate knowledge? Palace is attention catcher.

Youth finds man eager to lay claim to the world to which he was born. His Guardian no longer travels as the steerer of his destiny, cast off at the behest of the enlivened human. Although he is no longer an infant, man is still ignorant as he believes he knows what he wants from the world, and exactly how to get it. Present throughout the deep space, full-grown trees have succeeded the formerly flowery scene.

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