In the Mind’s Eye

Conceptual Framework My final project feature the visual imagery in the minds of cultural, religious and racial minority groups as they interact with majority communities in the US and elsewhere. Due of factors such as slavery, colonialism, wars, political and religious persecution, overpopulation and search for better opportunities among others, people have historically left their […]

Final Project_Quote Black Woman Here’s the link to my final project. Quote Black Woman focuses on Black women’s identities. As I said in my paper, we all have a range of colors within us that makes us unique. I took a favorite quote of mine and incorporated a mixed media video to it. As you watch it, you will find a range of […]

Before/After (Final Project)

My film “Before/After” is a question of our understanding of change and progress in the style of Flux film. I focused primarily on films of isolated actions including Dick Higgins’ Invocation of Canyons and Boulders, Yoko Ono’s Eye Blink, and Peter Vanderbeck’s Five O’Clock in the Morning. The visual shots of “Before/After” record isolated actions that […]

The Screening (Final Project)

Hello! Below is the Youtube link to my final project. The project is titled “The Screening” and is a modern take on video artist Bill Viola’s “The Greeting,” which is an extremely slowed down video of two people greeting each other. In Viola’s work, the extreme slow motion does two major things. First, the viewer is able to […]